Elephant Rider: PACHYDERMAS

A mysterious rider out for vengance…

One of the few transformable MOCs I’ve done. You can change it from bike to hardsuit and back.

You can also watch a transformation demonstration video here!


Looks great! It transforms, yet looks awesome in both modes!

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What the… the rider feels out of place

That’s why it’s amazing.

Really awesome build here! Hilarious and very well executed! I love it!


A vehicle… That is also a mech suit?! Fantastic all round moc!

Edit: Just watched the transformation video and wow, that’s clever, just wow.

I’m at a loss for words. This is amazing! Incredibly creative concept.

Haha this is so funny, everything about this is amazing (mostly the elephant rider)

This feels like a cheesy 80’s cartoon where our protagonist rides and battles the ivory trade gangs. At the end of every episode is a psa about protecting elephants.


@Zero Definitely feeling that!

Savant has a whole album full of 80s cartoon inspired music and this one fits this guy to a T

10/10 for originality and both modes look amazing!

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This is MOC is so creative, I love it

I mistook this for Beast machines Thrust from the thumbnail

This is that nice balance of ridiculous and awesome seen in early 2000s Technic sets and would look right at home with them.


Fabuland is getting its revenge