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… COUGH COUGH COUGH! sorry… uhh so I made this topic to annoy prpl mostly, but the movie has some pretty great jokes in it



The movie is funny for the first half but then it gets boring. Also since the movie plays every Christmas, on every channel, every day, I’ve grown to hate it like Prpl.


I don’t watch tv so I still love this movie, I laugh so hard when he’s working in the store


The movie is only good during December. It’s okayish garbage before and after the month.


Never seen it.
I don’t plan on seeing it.

Why not?

Doesn’t seem interesting to me.
Maybe I’ll watch it if I feel like it.


Well, the movie is better than the musical, or the terrible animated sequel.


Oh yeah, I remember that weird claymation one

Call me elf one more time. Say it.


Love this film. Watch it sometime in December along with the Tim Allen Santa Clause movies to get in the spirit of Christmas. I make sure to only see it once a year so I don’t grow tired of it like Prpl and some other people seem to.

Does anyone else cringe when the LEGO replicas of New York City landmarks get destroyed? It’s so sad…


I don’t find the movie all too memorable, but I did enjoy some of the jokes here and there.

I enjoy this movie.

I really enjoy the movie for it’s clever humor. It gives you a good laugh while getting you into that Christmas spirit. However, there are channels that even play the movie on the 4th of July, so I can understand why people get tired of it so fast.

I love this movie.
I just always have, and honestly, besides the classic Christmas films, it’s my face Christmas movie.
And regarding it being on TV every day in December, I don’t care. If there’s nothing on regular television to watch, go to Netflix. I still have to watch RvB so that’s gonna take a while before I have nothing to watch


I’m not sure I’ve seen the entire movie, I know I’ve seen the first half or so and maybe some bit something towards the end. I remember liking it at the time though (this was many years ago mind you).

Gonna try to see the whole movie this time around, which I’m actually looking forward to.

It’s a really good movie.

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Never liked this movie, only seen it a few times…not really my thing.



It’s Christmas Duh