Elijah's Mocs

So i just figured i would post some of my creations here on the message boards so that i can hear peoples opinions of my mocs, most are very simple as i do not have very many of the hero factroy parts and must use pre-hero factory parts for most of my mocs. Here are some that use a limited amount of em ,and vargo( he basically used them all on his own)

Names: Goldenboy,Vargo,Zzyxxx,Alpha sigma,Biker mecha,king rex, unnamed matoran

Vargo- The Knight and Dragon

Unnamed matoran- The creator of vargo

Goldenboy- The dj

King Rex- The hydra

Mech- Speeder

Zzyxxx- The demon girl

Alpha sigma- The Scientist

All of the mocs together

Edited title for clarity - Waj


Welcome to the boards! These Mocs, although a bit cluttered, are actually pretty darn good, especially the mech. I hope to see you improve during your time here! Keep it up!


you made very Dapper Demon

It looks fine. Only thing I do not like are the very oddly shaped torsos. Welcome to da boards mate.

thx man

Not bad!

I like these.

How did you get that knights kingdom helm on

I used a four long axle to connect into the helmet and then the 2 1x2 half axle connectors which connect to a 2 long axle which connects to a special brainstalk in the head, it is illustrated quite well on the side view picture

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the good for a first try