Eljay and Meso

Started in school, and finished at home:

Based off the MOCs I did of the two.


I like how tall Meso is. I don’t know why.

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Yea, I just imagine Meso being 2-4 heads taller than everyone else.

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they look surprised.

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Is Meso really tall? Or is Eljay really short?

Either way, great job :slight_smile:


Meso is just massive.

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@Mesonak’s Face looks Derpy


This is a fairly interesting interpretation of Eljay and Meso. I like the interpretation of the Miru and the size comparison between the two is good.

Is there any particular reason why Eljay has red hands?


I guess Something Solek Based

or Spilt his Mangosteen Juice on them

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It was meant to be flesh colored, but Sharpies lie to me, @Political_Slime
(On the original moc, the flesh color was meant to represent human arms)

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Oh snap.

Meso became Metal Gear Ray.

I love it


He just had a falling out with Solek and Ketar, clearly.
This looks great!

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Well, If you’re referring to the eyes, they’re mean to be pentagons, albeit slightly rounded.
If you’re referring to the mouth, the teeth are like armor.
Look closely, and you’ll see a mouth drawn in the grey area.

This looks fantastic! Great job! :slight_smile:

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That is amazing