Eljay, Matoran of Mangosteen

Yup. Just a little tablescrap.

EDIT: I have modified him, and now he is Eljay, Toa of Mangosteen!

So yeah, really the only thing changed were his limbs. I also changed his back to make it look better, but I had no pictures of it before. Also, weapons. I didn't have any purple (color of Mangosteen) colored weapons, so I had to settle with Aero Slicers, which actually look pretty good with him. It's also fun to put him in a Lewa Nuva flight pose. It should also be noted that he is actually the size of a 2.0 Hero, and is in scale with my Roodaka revamp.


Wow. That's a great MOC of a Eljay's matoran self.

Kewl. Good job with the body.

I love the body build.

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Wow that's amazing I love it!

For those who like the torso, be glad you can't see the back. Like I said, it's a tablescrap.

Really cute

That's one thing I wouldn't expect Eljay to be called. stuck_out_tongue


Really digging the torso! Great job!

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New update! What what! He is now Toa of Mangosteen! Check back up in the post for his new form.


woahhh cool

Love the proportions!

What a scrubby comment.

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