Eljay's AMA

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind. Wanting to start again?

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Your favorite Cole moment?

If you would be a Bionicle set, which one would you be?

What is the meaning of life?

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Working with all the voice actors was a blast, but easily my favorite part was finally making the final version public. It put an end to a long standing promise we made 8 years earlier.

More than I’m willing to commit to.

Do I ever feel, feel so paper thin? Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?


When I thought he was dead.

As in, the plastic figure?

42, we’ve been over this.


Darn straight

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Am I allowed to keep my redo of an old topic open? You were the one who closed the previous one but the new one isn’t off topic

Alaska or New Zealand?

You are confined to an empty room with a Makuta of your choosing. Only they can release you, but on one condition: you must survive them for 24 hours, nonstop barrage. Who are you trapped with, and how are you making it out?

Teridax he’s the least likely to-


Would rather fight System (the eternal mod) of DiscoBot (the mod who answers)?

Would you go in a deadly race across Washington, Idaho and Montana for 100,000,000 dollars?

Have you read Beowulf?

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What is your opinion on Mavrah, the eclectic Onu-Matoran encountered by the Toa Metru upon their first visit to Mata Nui?

Will I ever get featured on the Eljay Jonsen show?.. Jk

The real question is which of the titans between 06-09 do you think is worth getting if you are on a budget?

Do you think we’ve been asking too many questions in a row?

In that case, I have no idea.

I’m considering it. I’m leaning toward no unless I hear a compelling argument.


Spiriah. His name literally means failure!



No real strong opinion, aside from how he’s described. He just looks like Onepu…

I’d say Nocturn or Maxilos and Spinax.



Well, the original went off topic but it was a compelling topic, but if it goes off topic again then I’ll try and be the first to mention it to you

What classic literature have you read, and what do you plan on reading? (broaden the term classic literature however you please)

I realize. However, I need a compelling argument for why this topic won’t end up the same way.

Hard one to answer, as there is a lot of classic literature I want to read but haven’t gotten around to it. Stephen King and Sherlock Holmes jump out at me right now.