Eljay's AMA

Would you join a rpg on the MB?

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Would you like to see a live-action bionicle movie?

You can add any one character to the Smash Bros franchise. Who do you add?


What will you do when Orion finishes reading One Piece?

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Favourite and least favourite country?

I recommend Sherlock Holmes heavily. Barely any better reads, especially in the genre.

How many Exo-Force sets do you own?

What is your real name? It’s okay if you want discretion and wish not to say

To learn Eljay’s real name is to have the power to banish him to the shadow realm.


Uhh @Eljay, you’re banned until 2291? Wait, can Eljay get banned from the message boards? Kahi isn’t

Can you ban yourself?

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I think his real name is something like Elijah or something like that.

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What do you think about Tom Holland as Spider-Man?

I now realize I could have made a really good Holmes reference here and all the other Holmes fans on the boards are probably glaring

Have you seen Twelve Angry Men(1957)?

if you could. snap your fingers. and change one thing about reality. could be large like no more mars. could be small like this butterfly population needs improving. what would it be and why?

Well where the heck would girls go to get candy bars

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Let’s say that you would have to choose: on one side there would be an event so important, so vital, that if you would not be part of it, your entire family would cut ties with you, and will completely erase the memories they have with you. On the other side, your absolute best friend has thenworst cancer there is. He is in hospital, in his final hours, and his only wish is to see you in front of him, so that he could die next to a very important person.
Both of these events happen in the same time.
Don’t question their logic.
What you choose?

Skype facetime.

Why did you rejoin TTV? Not that I’m sad but If I was you I’d have said something like
‘You fire me and now you apologise? Screw you!’
And can we be friends?