Eljay's AMA

Not to answer for Eljay, but I’m going to answer that for him.

As I understand it, Eljay was still friends with the majority of TTV when he left, as it was primarily the actions of one specific (former) member that got him removed. When the deception of this member was exposed, they were removed and, considering Eljay still had good relations with most of TTV, there wasn’t any good reason for him to not go back. After all, TTV is a group of friends, and Eljay’s removal was widely considered a mistake; why not go back to your friends?


To add on, this interview he did with Just2Good and the document linked in the description of said video goes into more detail from Eljay’s side of the whole situation and explains how he reconnected with the other members of TTV



I would, though I have a prerequisite…

Steve from Minecraft. Cause that’d be funny.

I can’t answer questions about things that won’t happen.

My favorite is the United States of America. My least favorite is any other country.

A handful. Only one of them is built, though.

I can not.

The best live action Spider-Man we’ve ever had. He does an amazing job.

I haven’t.

Mangosteen would be able to grow in Idaho. For obvious reasons.

This question isn’t fun.


I have heard that when you where younger, you were into Bionicle, Exo-Froce, and Knight’s Kingdom. How many Knight’s Kingdom sets do you have or used to have? Also, can you give us a short opinion on the theme overall?

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But you’d be pretty good! Plus we totally need more people higher up to join to help enforce RP and message board rules

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It’s also, for someone like Eljay, a complete waste of time and an unnecessary source of drama. I’ve honestly considered walking out due to there being only one RP I even do anything with and I get sick of hearing it being compared to dnd.

What’s your favorite Exo-Force set? (If you have one)

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I handful of them. I still have some. Overall, it’s a fun theme.

Chameleon Hunter.


If a banned member and a current member are close friends and the banned member tells the current member to do stuff they want is that technically a duplicate account?

I’m okay with counting it as the other member hijacking your account, which I would then also be perfectly okay with banning.

Tell Pohatu I said hi.


Can you give us a hint at what retired theme you are going to review after you finish with the 07’ Bionicle playsets?

What do you think of me?

Are you doing anything else with all the Bionicle sets except than keeping them for display?

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Can I? Yes.

I have some other things I plan on doing with them, however they are primarily used for display. Speaking of which, I need to clean all of them…


But will you actually do it or not?

Do you think it would be possible for a movie studio to obtain the rights for LEGO and make a theatrically released Bionicle movie?

I will not.



What’s the situation with the mask? Do you still wear it for fun, or is it just permanently on display somewhere?


What is the best/your favourite Hero Factory set?

So when do you think you’ll review the combiner sets? I’m not trying to sound impatient as I’m enjoying the Lego system ones

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You’ve probably answered this elsewhere, but what are your favorite Nerf guns?

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It’s mostly a display piece now. I’ll occasionally bring it out for a photo, and wear it then, however it’s currently in a very nice display case to prevent damage. Though, I do need to put another coat of paint on it at some point…

Dunno about the best as I don’t have as great a familiarity with the theme as others, however my favorite would likely be Jimi Stringer from Breakout.

You assume I’ll be reviewing them at all.

The Rayven in lime is easily my favorite. And I’m super partial to the Vulcan and swords.