Eljay's AMA

Kind of yeah…

I mean you said you wouldn’t review promotional sets or system sets (not that I’m annoyed, I like it like that)
Probably been answered but what’s your favourite set of these few aspects?

Value nowadays
Value then

What is your most controversal opinion about Bionicle?

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What’s your favorite question from this topic?

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(not sure if this was asked before) But what is the definition of Eljay or what does it mean?


How did you discover the mangosteen?

I can’t say it here, but you may learn one day what happens when you assume.

Lewa Mata.

I’m not entirely sure, to be honest. I have several, but I’m not sure what really would be the most controversial. Maybe that the Bohrok-Kal are good sets? Not super controversial, them being good wasn’t their issue.

There are too many, I have no idea.

It means something in Hebrew, though that isn’t where I got it from. To me it’s just what it is: Eljay. It’s just a name.

Through a mangosteen juice company called Xango.


Were you a Star Wars character, would you go by Xango Fett, Mangolorian Bounty Hunter?


What Bionicle set do you personally hate the most?

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Who’s your favorite star wars character?


Do you digress?


Which is the best and which would you make an army of if you could?



If there was a contest for getting unlimited mangosteen for life and you needed tickets to have a higher probability, and each ticket cost about 1 dollar, how much would you invest into getting tickets for said contest?


What’s one thing on your bucket list?

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Well, I wasn’t gonna before, but I sure as heck am now.

Constraction, System, or in total?

General Grievous.

I would digress, but I digress.

Depends on the purpose! But I think Visorak make the best army.

Tough question… maybe $10?

Making a mangosteen pizza.


You said you weren’t really a Star Wars fan but judging on your recent actions to the series and how you’ve spoken more about it, would you now class yourself as a fan?

In total. (Not counting the polybags/promotional items)

What guest you had so far on the Eljay Johnsen show did you enjoy talking to the most?

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Eljay, what are your personal opinions on Red axles, blue pins, av Matoran and Mistika? The recaps are great but they aren’t your opinion

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Recent actions? I don’t follow. But no, I’m still not a fan of Star Wars as I am of other things, such as LEGO. It’s not a part of my hobby and I wouldn’t go and see a Star Wars movie in theaters and I don’t look forward to any of the games.

  1. It’s hard to say. I’ve got a review coming out next week that makes a strong argument that the set I’m reviewing is my least favorite. But I’d say for now, it’s Ketar, as that set was the first BIONICLE set that ever actively disappointed me.

  2. My current favorite episode of the Show is the one I did with Christian Brickbauer.

Red axles and blue pins on sets don’t bother me. They’re not good, but they don’t alter my overall opinion on a set. The Av-Matoran… I don’t hate them, I suppose? I like all BIONICLE sets to an extent, even ones I don’t like. So it’s hard to say I don’t like something like the Av-Matoran or the Mistika. Do I think they’re good sets? Not the Av-Toran, but the Mistika are fine. Do I hate them? No way.


Any opinion on the 2001-2012 LEGO Racers theme?

Do you have any action figures?
If so, which one is your favorite?

(Lego doesn’t count.)