Eljay's AMA

(I think it was answered before but heh) Where did you get the Miru mask you wear? And did you made the older one yourself?

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Opinion about Transformers in general?

From the little I know about it, it seems genuinely fascinating.

I have a few, but my favorite is a transforming Kabuterimon to MegaKabuterimon.

From this image I can explain who made which mask.

I made the first two. Var made the third. My last and current one was made by an incredibly kind and skilled gentleman by the name Cyber-Hand.

No strong feelings one way or the other.


What System Theme do you think integrates Bionicle parts the best?


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What got you into mangosteen?

what was the best tea or coffee you ever had?

Through a mangosteen juice company called Xango.

Dunno about the best, but I am awfully partial to most Earl Grey teas.

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You meet a man, he’s you from an alternate dimension where you grew up without Bionicle, he’s married, with kids, he’s a multimillionaire, a successful businessman and ceo of many companies and living a happy life, he says
“Hey, don’t you wanna be like me?”
What do you respond with?

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I will be.

Maybe not the multimillionaire or businessman/CEO, but you get the point.


Ahmm… When did Ninjago use Bionicle parts? Like, we did have the 2011 dragons that used things such as the zamor launchers, but I don’t remember anything else in rest.

What is your favorite and least favorite Bionicle movie?

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You’re welcome to find a list on Bricklink and see for yourself. That’s my answer. My other answer would be Exo-Force.

My favorite is BIONICLE 2. Least favorite is BIONICLE 3.


Will you consider starting your own LEGO Rewind series? I think you did an great job in Nick Anderson’s April Fools video.

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not including Steve Jobs or various LEGO Employees, who’s is one famous person you have met

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As someone who beat VNOG without cheats as a child, may I ask your opinion of the game overall? I know it’s grindy, and that Garan is a pain, but I still remember the story segments with much fondness. What parts, if any, were genuinely enjoyable?

Thank you! Nick’s script was really the star there, I’d say. However, no. I wouldn’t be able to do a better job than Nick, so I’ll focus more on the set-side of things with reviews of older themes.

Guy Fieri.

I think it’s a fun game to just play a bit casually and enjoy exploring. A lot of the designs are really cool as well and it isn’t that bad to look at.


What do you think is the most underappreciated LEGO Theme?

Do you have a pet snake?The one from Ehlek’s skit?

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What I’m do you think is the most overrated LEGO theme?

Hero Factory.

Not anymore.

I honestly can’t think of one.