Eljay's AMA

What LEGO themes do you own most of the sets from other than Bionicle?

if you could hug anyone. who would it be and why?

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What’s your biggest “I could’ve done better”-moment?

Do you like Tofu?

Not entirely sure. Either NINJAGO or Minecraft, if I had to hazard a guess.

I dunno… There aren’t a whole lot of people I want to hug.

Most of my Recap Reviews. I think I could do a lot better with them. And all of my Recent Reviews.

Not really.


Not sure if it was answered, but if you ever found a pair would you review the Bionicle Nike shoes? Or is there not much to review about them?

(no I didn’t post this in Ven’s AMA by mistake, why do you ask?)


Are you into other toys besides LEGO?

Do you make any bionicle MOCs?

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If you could canonize anything in BIONICLE would there be anything you absolutely wouldn’t canonize?

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I don’t think there is enough for me to discuss. They’d just be small shoes I couldn’t wear with tiny masks I couldn’t wear either.

Not really, nah.

Not often. I gotta make a new one for Brickfair, though… keep my word on a previous agreement.

Romantic love in the MU.


Have you ever felt like someone outside the Bionicle community mistreated Bionicle, just because it’s not “real LEGO”?

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You have the Mind, Power, Time, Space and Reality Stones. Do you go for the Soul Stone too?

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If you haven’t read this topic and say your thoughts

So @Eljay what’s your thoughts on this topic?
Another question, are you like a Lucha libre wrestler, like El Jay?

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When you become an old man, will you start wearing a Noble Miru instead?


Do you like pickles on your burger?



Do you know the words?

Then you can join in too

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I heard you like Konosuba. Who’s your favorite character?


Do you watch Isekai Quartet and do you like it?

Also, if you were able to add any character to the show, who would you choose?

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This is a question that I actually wanted to ask for a long time, but always forgot.
Why did you made all of your reviews (well, at least the Recap Reviews; didn’t really keep track of the others) from an objective view? Like, from the 5th or 6th season till the end you really pushed the idea that this is not your opinion and that you are only presenting the collective perspective of the community. Why? A review is made to present the opinions of the reviewer, not of the community. They are meant to be subjective, not objective. I mean sure, you can make objective reviews, but when you push this idea so much to the point you write a disclaimer (which I was personally OK with) then there will be people like me who wonder why you do this.
Especially when, if I recall correctly, your first two/three seasons were entirely subjective. Or at least you made them to seem subjective.

Oh, of course. BIONICLE has often been looked down upon by the general System community. It’s not that big a deal. They take issue with it and I’ll just point out how it saved their System.

Nah. Granted, I’m not even sure that I could get it in the first place.

  1. I don’t care about it at all. There is no use focusing on a negative topic.
  2. Nope!

Not a bad idea… At that point, I’d need to pass my Miru on to the next holder.

I don’t often have burgers with pickles on it, however I certainly enjoy it when I do.

I do not know the words.

Kazuma, simply due to his reactionary nature. It’s absolutely hilarious.

  1. I don’t, but only because the only characters I know from it are from Konosuba. I wanna watch the other shows before I give it a shot.
  2. Honestly, I don’t think I’d add anyone else.

This is a question that comes up time and again, and before I answer it I want to address one part of your post.

You are wrong about the intention of a review.

Here is a couple links to two definitions of the word “Review.” Notice anything? You will not find mention of the word “objective” or “subjective.” A review is meant to look over a subject or focal matter. So long as I am focusing on an item (say, a BIONICLE set) and evaluating it with whatever means, then it’s a review. A lot of reviews now a days will give their opinions and that’s fine. But a review isn’t supposed to be one or the other.

As for why, there are a few reasons.

For starters, it became incredibly taxing to defend my positions on sets whenever I gave my thoughts on a legitimate issue with any given set. An early instance that sticks out was when I was attacked by someone in the comments for decrying the Toa Mata for their limited articulation and loose gear function. I was accosted because I didn’t give them the benefit of the doubt for being older and that because they were from an earlier time, I shouldn’t complain about their limitations. This was absolutely ridiculous. I don’t care what time any set is from, if it has an issue, then it has an issue. So shortly after that I relented and opted instead for a general review based on community feedback which I remembered well enough to discuss the sets.

Secondly, I think it makes for a more rounded out review. I’m big on community thoughts and opinions and I liked to represent other view points that I didn’t necessarily agree with. Red axles and blue pins? They don’t bother me. Bohrok-Kal are rehashes? I like them. Stars were a poor end? I appreciate them so much I enjoy them. Gaps in sets make it look incomplete? I don’t care. These are thing often cited as “cons” in a variety of videos, but none of that bothers me at all. If I didn’t bring it up, someone in the comments would and call me out for failing to mention it.

For what it’s worth, I prefer giving my opinion. It’s more fun and there are some controversial opinions I feel people would be surprised by. What I don’t like is people claiming that I’m just using the “objective” angle as a way to suggest my opinions on sets are the most reasonable or the most correct and that they’re factual and others aren’t. That’s not true and I have never claimed that. If anyone thinks I used Recaps or any other objective reviews to give my opinion, all I ask is that you inquire with me about any specific instance. Just ask me what I think.

Hopefully that answers your question.