Eljay's AMA

What is your favorite Bionicle soundtrack and Cryoshell song?

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What is your favorite review that you have done?

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Would you ever visit Rapture?

Soundtrack is probably MNOG, though BIONICLE: The Game is also really solid. And my favorite Cryoshell song is Gravity Hurts.

Hard to say. I don’t think a lot of them are very good, so I won’t speak to the review side. But I do have favorite skits.


Nah, no interest in the BioShock series.


Favourite biotuber?

What is your favorite skit?

Have you ever worn female clothing?
Any Bionicle/Lego regrets?
Any normal life regrets?

Dunno who I enjoy that considers themselves BioTubers.

Hard to say, I have a lot of them that I like. My go-to is the Kardatoran skit. I do like a lot of the 2009 review skits, and more recently I really enjoyed the 2005 Playset overview skit.

  1. That depends on who you ask.
  2. Nope.
  3. Of course.

Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?

Edit: Ok, so actual question. I’m thinking of doing a TTV Endgame parody, with you obviously reprising your role as CaptainJay. The obvious issue here is that Iron Man needs a recast. Who would you recommend, if anyone?
Also, thoughts on this image?


Have you seen or heard of Splitgate: Arena Warfare? A lot of people have called it “Halo with portals,” and that’s honestly not too far off. Figured you’d find that kind of thing interesting.


In your last episode of the Eljay Johnsen Show, you mentioned that a guest is coming after I asked the Racers Question. Who was that guest you were talking about? And is he coming at the next episode of the show?

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I don’t know if it has been asked before, but I couldn’t find the question anywhere:

Would you ever want to review these?

(Sorry I don’t have Kongu)

They aren’t really constraction sets, but they are buildabel, have functions and the Lego logo is on the pieces.
There also is some kind of game for them you can play, so I think they are interesting


Hey Eljay just curious could you do a top ten of parts bags for Bionicle sets

There’s not really a reason that Eljay should review those. They offer so little in terms of reviewable content that he’d maybe get a one minute video out of a complete collection. He’d get more time, enjoyment, and interest out of reviewing the McDonald’s Bionicle toys.


Why do you deny that the Bionicle clock deserves a review?


I’d recommend Kini.

Haven’t even heard of it, but it does sound interesting!

I’m unsure if I will be able to have him on at this point. I have a standing blacklist for anyone who is a member of the Solekians, of which his membership is uncertain.

Meso keeps jokingly pestering me about these, but probably not. Not much to add and they’re glorified Kanoka Disk launchers.

Cause it’s just a clock with some parts and I have nothing interesting to say about it. I won’t say never, but it isn’t a set (it’s gear) and it isn’t something I have a vested interest in. If I end up acquiring one, maybe I’ll do a Random Review of it.


What do you mean? What are “Solekians”?

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A group of people who decided to act like garbage. Do not associate with them.


What is your favourite Canister Makuta set?

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How old were you when you entered Bionicle?

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