Eljay's AMA

I personally haven’t seen such things in a long while. And he said he did not get any warning before the ban.

Which particular topic do you recall he acted like that on?

Ask him what he posted in response to a topic about Steven Universe figures. See if that jogs his memory. He has been on his final warning for a while and clearly he did not heed it and decided poorly to make a post that resulted in his ban. If you have any other questions, you can send me a message.

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When will the Eljay Johnsen Show return?

Any interest in LEGO Super Mario, now that the IP has been officially announced?


Do you have relationship advice?

have you been in a relationship recently?


Eljay. Will you rise up once again as our great emperor of TTE?

Are you open to doing Brickonicle Lewa voice clips for a future April Fools thing?

What’s your definition of a “High ranking community member”? And how does one become such a member?

Looking at (not quite yet) a decade of podcast work and podcast team membership, how do think your approach to being a member of the online fan community has shifted? And what sort of advice would you give your self from ten years back?

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Hopefully soon. Things have been a bit busy as of late, so it’s a good thing I didn’t bring it back.

Nah, not my cup of tea, but still super impressive none the less.

  1. If you rely so much on another person to make you happy, there are bigger issues that need to be attended to before entering into a relationship.
  2. :wink:

Nah, I think I’m alright.

Open to it? Sure. Will that likely ever happen? Probably not.

I don’t have a definition for that, I don’t think. There are well-known members of the community, prolific members, infamous members, notorious members, etc. But I dunno if there are ranks.

It’s been over 10 years.

  1. I’m certainly a lot more involved. Before, it was just a podcast and we got to commentate on things and events and be more on the sidelines. Now, I help advise on projects, I’m co-running the contests to decide new canon, and I continue to make new content for the BIONICLE community. And I hope to continue to interview people both from the community and from BIONICLE (Templar Studios, Voice Actors, creators, etc) that can lend insight as to the process behind the theme.

  2. The advice I’d give is the advice I follow now. Don’t let the negative comments get you down. Listen to people who offer their critique so you can improve what you do. But constantly remember that it takes way more energy to point out the good, to say something nice, and to offer points to improve, than it does to saying something negative or to attempt to put you down.

Trying to follow that advice at the moment. Certainly been a stressful week.


also, two questions.

  1. will the TTV channel ever make an app for the TTV message boards?
  2. Will you ever release the original biocraft chronicles?

My apologies; I actually caught that it would be 11 years since episode one of TT V (or iBZP) in the summer of this year a few minutes after I posted.

Some relevant, thoughtful advice. Thanks!