Eljay's Beard!

What are your opine on this did you like his beard or not? I think Eljay looks a little young without it, and would like to see the return of the beard


Yes please

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Yay someone agrees how could you hate a beard, beards are awesome. Also let's make a movie called return of the bears where eljay regrow his beard to save the world.

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The beard makes him look less like a fish...

I've said this before, but his beard makes him look like an obscure actor Adam Scott


I was wondering when this topic would be made. I'm surprised it wasn't sooner.

his beard made him look like a homeless man, which explains why kahi hates him so much

he looks so much more normal without the beard


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Maybe if he grew it a bit differently, but yeah, he does look super young nowadays.

Honestly, he looks like he's 15. He's not bad looking, but very young looking.

After September I'm gonna regrow my beard. It'll be far better trimmed, though.

I actually didn't intend to fully shave it, but I made an error in trimming and just got rid of it entirely. It shall return.


Just grow a massive lumberjack beard and mustache.

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Yes please @Eljay I am glad to hear it also could you post a how to for making bionicle mask like you Miru. I personally would like to make myself a kakama

@Cyber-Hand made his current Miru, it has a topic dedicated to it

Eljay needs a nice thick and full lumberjack beard.

True that, and he should wear plaid

You can see how I made it here I am planning to make the other toa mata masks. I hope to be able to hang all six gold masks on my wall one day.

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I don't know why but I like the beard more.

I think it was okay, but Eljay you need a better moustache to go with it.

Remember, a man without a beard is either underage or cowardly or me. ;~;

True true or they just can not grow one......
Also Ghidora from Godzilla by any chance?