Eljay's Epic Quest for Mangosteen Discussion

Discuss it here. Yup.

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You should make a separate channel for EEQFM.

I’d subscribe but your other content doesn’t interest me.

make more episodes plz


Tis fun to voice Eljay. Much fun. Very laughter.

I swear if you had some of my hilarious mess ups when recording the voices, I’d probably have to kill you.

I have next to no other content.

Just released 7.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate, but I don’t upload very frequently, so I won’t be flooding your subscriptions box.

Wow; that episode was actually probably the best yet.




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I watched the first episode and then forgot :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I hope you enjoy the rest.

I finally saw it all. Your style has definetly seen improvement. Can’t wait for episode eight.

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Thanks! >ω<

I’ve seen the latest episode and it seems smoother than the last one. How many frames per second do you use?

I average ten to fifteen, outside of dialogue scenes.