Eljay's MOCs

So, a lot of people have been asking me if I'm going to be using the new Miru on any MOCs...

Nah, probably not.

In all seriousness, I'm gonna start this topic up and post pictures of creations that I have made. Keep in mind, I'm not even close to being on the same level as others who make killer MOCs, such as @3rdeye88 or @DeeVee, but I'm happy with what I've made and I'd like to show it to all of you. Always eager to hear constructive criticism.

MOC #1 - Eljay 2015
Original self-moc
Back to back (Gosh dang it, why'd it turn out so blurry?!)
"You may have been here a whole decade, BUT IT'S MY TURN!"
Errr... Clang?
Partial back view
Face to face

I wish a lot of these photos had turned out better, but alas. I will be updating this topic with my MOCs, including those of others, and possibly better pictures of these. Thank you very much for looking!


How grand. The comparison pictures really drive home how small the new Miru is in comparison to the old one.

Not that I'm complaining, though, because it's a pretty schway mask. As is the MoC! I'd be lying if I said I preferred it to the original, but that's probably just because I'm not used to seeing you with Metru green in your color scheme.

I'll tell you this, though; I love the new MoC's shoulders far better than the original's. stuck_out_tongue



There's no lateral hip movement, therefore it sucks.

Nah, I'm kidding. It looks pretty cool, though I do prefer the original.


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This is pretty good for a first version, but seems to exist to be improved. The legs (especially the thighs) are incredibly skinny, far too much for my taste. The torso is in good proportion to the limbs but that gap in the stomach is... weird, and the side view is even worse in that regard. Not so sure about the huge breastplate being used on his bum either. Is the glatorian neck posable? That's a nice concept, but it looks off when you can see the neck piece itself. Also, blue pins.

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Very nice @Eljay! Some of the armor pieces clash a bit though. Any reason why you didn't upload the pictures directly to the Boards?


i r8 8/8.


This moc looks great and is definitely and upgrade from the original. smiley
My one critique would the blue pins but those are hard to avoid due to LEGO now only using blue for them.

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Guys, this constitutes as spam. Please post with something more constructive next time. :wink:

Also, thanks for the replies, everyone! They've been great to read and a huge help!



For the record, it's Lateral Bicep Movement which is key, and also that's my schtick.

Can't say I'm too fond of the Lime Metru Limbs, but that's just because of how they inherently limit articulation compared to what I'm used to.


Pretty neato. Some colors are a bit off but that Miru makes it all better stuck_out_tongue


Epic. All I have to say. Epic.

Sorry about that. It does look really good, except the chest plate on the back.


Sorry. :frowning:
Giving this an actual critique...
Build: A bit taller than the original. The legs are kinda lanky and the head looks a bit too small for the rest of the body. Everything else looks good though, you've used the Inika build well.
Armor: Needs a bit more armor on the connection point for the main chest-plate, on the knee joint, and as well around the neck; also, the chest-plate on the lower back looks strange. Besides those areas, the rest of the MOC is well armored.
Color: Two words: Tone Change. It almost seems as if the Original Eljay is from Mata Nui, and the New Eljay is from Metru Nui. Which I like. I love variation and difference between MOCs.
Accessories: Twin Axonn Axes. Awesome. They're actually quite reminiscent of Master Lewa. Come to think of it, this entire MOC looks like Master Lewa, just utilizing more Bionicle pieces.
Overall: This is a great MOC. Not supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, but great nonetheless.

Final Score: 7/10


Welp, bad it ain't really a headset miru. Atleast it gives the facsimile though! Moc's good, nice colors and tone compared to the original. Don't like the limbs though. I'd prefer you add regular balljoints instead of the Metru limbs in the arms to allow for bilateral movement. Also I'd suggest trying to change the metru waist for a Vahki waist for moving torso action!

I'm gonna have to agree with Meso here on preferring the old one. But I don't think it's just a matter of that being what we're used to seeing. I think it's because the old one has a more unified color layout than the new one. In my opinion the old one just looks better.

Eljay, perhaps you could combine elements of both to get some even better than either one individually?

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Very nice. A few things though.
1. When you look at it from certain angles, you can see right through his side.
2. Well, just that one gripe stuck_out_tongue

Pretty nice overall. i wish I had that many green elements.

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Acctualy axes uses axxon axe heads and knights kingdom axe heads (why much axes?)

Because Eljay's Self-MOC is based off of Lewa Mata, who had axes.

It was part of a joke becouse i saidword axe couple of times in one sentence :\

Ah, I see stuck_out_tongue