Eljay's pet drone?

What happens when you want to MOC, but you only have light grey and trans-light green parts available?
You’re better off not knowing.

He has a flip-out hook.

And he has a fold-up laser and flick-fire missiles.

An here’s a random picture of him where he fell over right as I took the pick.

Beware him…


Words cannot describe how amazing and unique this Moc is.

This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen!


So much technic geary goodness :heart_eyes:

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Speaking of which, I love how since the colour scheme is so simple, the differences between the old and new grey stands out a lot :smile:

It’s time for the @Eljay apocalypse.


This is pretty impressive!

This is really schweet, it deserves a turtle, :turtle: