Ellipsus, Toa Karda of Shadow

I did this for the community Toa MOC project. Also, I’m not changing the legs because I like them :neutral_face:

without cape weapon and some size comparisons CC is always appreciated :+1:


Hey this is a pretty coo-

aaand we’re done here.

Rightful sarcasm out of the way, the legs are the best part of the MOC. Not too hard with the arms being just okay, and the torso being…I don’t even know, there’s all sorts of weird with the torso.

I see where you were going with this, but personally I don’t think it reaches the potential of what it could be at all. Waist up needs a lot of work…waist down needs a fair bit too…but there’s potential! :slight_smile:


The torso is strange, its like a reverse hourglass kind of thing.
I don’t get why the upper arms shells are placed like that but they look odd.
The cape does help hide a few of the problems but they’re still there.
And all Ek said is pretty good.

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I like the waist cloth thing. It’s pretty clever.

Nice! I love the use of that mask. The sword is sweet and works with concept for the figure (though it feels a little bit long). I also really dig your use of tank treads as a sash . It works pretty well and the texture corresponds nicely with the mask and the tires.

Some critique:

  • He overall looks a bit tall and scrawny. Was this the look you were going for? In any case, the cape makes it look a lot better (what set is that cape from?)

  • The exposed undersides of shells on the upper arms feel kinda off. Maybe try changing their orientation?

  • The sash/loincloth looks just a tad too long. Have you tried taking a few tread-links off and seeing what it looks like?

  • The colour-scheme seems a bit bland (though again that may be what you were for). How about experimenting with some trans-light-green highlights?


I actually quite like the legs…

I feel as though he could benefit from wider shoulders, though. Also, I agree with @legomaster1378, I think the sash thing is cool, but a tad too long.
Not bad though, not bad. The weapon is pretty cool looking, too.

I was looking for a skeletal look, so yes.

2 links are the most I can take off without him looking weird.

Will do! :smiley:

How do you mean “looking weird”? I would think that the sash would look more natural and less odd if it was a bit shorter (on both ends).

This was the look I was going for.

Ah, I figured. In that case, notice how a samurai sashes normally start at the belt and extend down approximately halfway down the upper led. In your case, the tank treads seem to start at the naval and extend all the way down to the knees. Do you get my drift?

Pretty neat.

The shoulders look a bit too narrow for the big ole von nebula mask. First picture was hella sweet though.