Emekal, the Last Guardian

G2 character. Mentor guy. Story.


Oh look better pictures.

He looks better than your others. The HF armor at the waist is a bit weird, and the build is a bit cluttered in general, especially with the torso. But, I do have to give you credit for the upper legs, which are actually pretty clean.

Also, blue pins. Love em, hate em, I both em (depends on the MOC).

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I like the torso.


The lower arms and legs don't flow very well IMO. The rest looks pretty good. Back shot please?


Looks pretty good! Is there any way to sling that sword on his back more... vertically?

Not much. The gear gets in the way.

Darn. How about putting the connection point closer to the shoulder?

I liked the concept of the sword slung horizontally, personally.

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Then do whatever you wanna do! smiley