Emerald - A "Comic" Written By Chronicler

So me and my buddies at the Marvel Fanon Wiki made this whole universe thing called Paragon Comics, a collection of our own ideas for a comic book company with different series. While some of them have kinda started to delay, I’ve been continuously releasing them. So I need a new audience.

I present to you, Emerald.


  1. Jewel - Post 1
  2. Objection! - Post 15
  3. A Blast Back - Post 24
  4. The Aftermath - Post 29
  5. The Matter with Ms. Matter - Post 39
  6. Merciless is Ms. Matter - Post 42
  7. Enter: The Virus! Part 1 - Post 45
  8. Enter: The Virus! Part 2 - Post 46
  9. A Time and a Place - Post 56
  10. Ill-Intent - Post 60
  11. The Fate of Three - Post 61
  12. The Troublesome Termite - Post 62
  13. The Fatal Truth - Post 72
  14. Those Blasted Dirty Cops! - Post 75
  15. Hour at the Homestead! - Post 76
  16. Muirgein of the Well - Post 94
  17. Irish Blood - Part 1 - Post 100
  18. The Rain of Noir - Post 101
  19. Irish Blood - Part 2 -102
  20. Irish Blood - Part 3 - 105
  21. Enter: The Coalition - 107
  22. Irish Blood - Part 4 -108
  23. Irish Blood - Part 5 -110
  24. Irish Blood - Part 6 - 110

Annual Issue 1 - Post 71
Annual Issue 2 - 111


The lights glowed brightly in front of Stephanie’s face. What had just happened? It was so fast and sudden. What was it again? Oh yes. Now she remembered. It was a gunshot. A single gunshot that hit her in the chest before she blacked out in her shop.

Man (with a sigh of relief): Oh good, you’re up. I was hoping you didn’t go into a coma with the amount of force you faced.

Stephanie rubbed her head and opened her eyes wider to see what was going on. The jewel shop was broken into. The glass pane that used to say “Barmms Industrial Jewelry” was shattered into a million pieces and on the floor was a cinderblock. She checked her neck. The necklace was still there.

Stephanie: James… What happened? (She rubs her back and groans.)

James: We were broken into. You were shot at, but managed to survive the bullet. In fact, it didn’t even go into your body. The police are here.

Stephanie (with a look of confusion): Ergh… Why am I not dead?

James: No idea. All we know is that you’re alive. The police are investigating the incident. Get up.

James helps his sister get up from the floor. She is in immense pain. She tries to walk in her heeled work shoes but slips a bit trying to walk. James catches her. A police officer walks up to them.

Officer: You’re lucky to be alive, Ms. Barmms. You have quite the burn mark on your chest though. The detectives have examined everything and they’re quite confused on how the bullet managed to ricochet off of you.

Stephanie: How… Never mind. The thing is I’m alive. Have you caught any suspects?

Officer: Just one. He goes by the name of Black Blast in the criminal world because of his shooting skills. (The officer shakes his head and looks at Ms. Barmms) You’re one lucky woman, Ms. Barmms.

James: Come on, Stephanie. It’s not safe up in your apartment. I’ll take you to my house.

Stephanie: I still have no idea of what’s going on…

On the ride to James’s house, Stephanie leans her face against the window, thinking. Then she starts to remember what happened.

Stephanie: Now what was that first thing… Oh yes. It had to do with this necklace… And my skin… Turning into something shiny. I don’t remember what. But the moment I was shot it happened again. That must’ve been what saved my life from the robber.

It all comes back to her. She place the family necklace around her neck, and suddenly it turned her hand into a crystalline form. She was horrified. Before she took it off, however, it went away. The only time it happened again was when that robber pointed his gun once she went back into the store’s main foyer. She was shocked to see the burglar, and he was startled as well.

That’s where the memory ended. Stephanie closes her eyes. What a night it was.


The next day Stephanie walks into the office of a beautiful, dark-haired woman with fair skin typing speedily on a key-board.

Carolina: Hello, Stefay.

Stephanie: Hey, Carolina. Look, you heard about what happened last night, right?

Caroline: Of course I did. It was on the news this morning. Couldn’t miss it. They even put it on the Post’s headlines. Anyone with social media here in Salem would be able to see it.

Stephanie looks outside the window. Outside you can see the beautiful Waterfront that sits before the Willamette River. A giant globe found in the park is stationary, and if you look far enough you can see the carousel building.

Carolina: That river still looks beautiful even though I’ve been looking at it for such a long time. I love Oregon.

Stephanie: Yeah. Anyways, You have a lawyer around here that can help me get this whole thing fixed, right?

Carolina (with a smile): You came to the right place, Stephanie. I can get you one of my best employees.

Later, as they do some of the paper stuff, Carolina asks a question.

Carolina: So how did you survive that gunshot, Stefay.

Stephanie (hesitant): No idea. However, this whole thing has been worrying me. The break in and stuff. This wanted man… Why come into the store with security cameras?

Carolina: Maybe he just didn’t know.

Stephanie: I doubt that, Carolina. My brand is big here in Salem. You would think someone like him would know.

Carolina (biting the tip of her pen): I dunno. It just astonishes me you could survive a shot and have it ricochet. That just doesn’t add up.

Stephanie (getting a bit worried): I’m sure the detectives will discover why.


Hours later, we see Stephanie alone in her apartment. She looks at the necklace in concentration. Then her hand. Nothing happens.

Stephanie: How is this dumb thing supposed to work?

She thinks for a little bit, and then has an idea. She gets her umbrella from her closet and proceeds to bonk it on her head.


That didn’t seem to work either.

So what DID trigger the power of the necklace?

Stephanie: I guess I’m gonna have to find out.

Suddenly, a gunshot shatter through her window. It narrowly misses Stephanie, but her skin suddenly becomes the green crystal state again. She looks down at her hands. All crystal, but it can move like normal skin. She hurries to look out her window past the curtain. Suddenly a man standing on the balcony grasps his hand upon her neck and tries to pull her down. Stephanie grabs his arm and pulls him through the window.


The man gets up. Dressed in all black, has whiskers covering his face and blonde hair, the man pulls out his gun to give Stephanie another shot of his automatic. The impact of the bullets make Stephanie fall over, but she’s quick to move. She takes a swipe under his legs to make him fall over before. He drops his gun. She picks up the gun and points it at the man.

Stephanie: Who are you and why have you been trying to kill me?

Suddenly, Stephanie recognizes his face: it’s the man who robbed her shop the other night. The man slowly gets up and grins.

Stephanie: You’re… That criminal named Black Blast?

Black Blast (with an arrogant grin): The one and only, dear.

Stephanie slaps his face on the right cheek and he stumbles onto the floor again. Stephanie picks up his gun, opens it unloads the bullets. Only two were left. She throws the bullet case onto the bed while she still holds the gun.

Stephanie sees that she is still in crystallized form, and her heart is thumping wildly. The necklace is glowing, producing a green light. Black Blast gets back up and rubs his bleeding face. It must have been the sharpness of her hands that caused him to bleed.

Black Blast: Gah… My face…

Stephanie: Why is this the second time you’ve come after me during the night?

Black Blast: I’m not dumb enough to tell you, sweetheart.

Stephanie kicks him.


Black Blast: Would you stop doing that? Ergh…

Stephanie: I won’t unless you tell me.

Black Blast: And what? You’re gonna kick me some more? Please. Once I’m apprehended this will become a regular occurrence. That is, when I tell my boss about what has happened.

Angered with Black Blast, Stephanie picks him up by the ■■■■■ and slams him onto the wall.

Stephanie: Alright then, you want to be quiet? Then shut up. Shut up and go along your way. You’ve already caused me enough trouble.

Black Blast: Heheh… You’re getting a bit feisty there aren’t ye?

Stephanie throws him head first onto the floor. Black Blast moans in pain. Stephanie walks over to the phone. The thumping of her heart continues but the crystal is going away. As she is waiting for 911 to pick up, Black Blast gets up from the floor and pulls out a switch knife. Stephanie hears him. Suddenly she turns around and tackles him. In their struggle they go against the sliding window doors and eventually to the balcony. Black Blast comes out on the top of Stephanie, holding his knife near her throat. Stephanie’s heart thumps faster… And faster. Suddenly her skin vibrates and the crystal not only grows thicker, but her muscles also grow. She picks him up by the sides and throws him down 20 feet below onto the streets of Salem.


Stephanie looks below. The guy isn’t dead, as he begins to moan. As people notice what’s going on, Stephanie is suddenly back to normal. It’s like she was just surviving a normal struggle.

Stephanie: Oh gosh… What have I become?

To be continued…

^Read it here if you’d like!^

What do you guys think? I have the rest of the issues on the actual wiki, but I want to show you guys these comics. I’ll post more of them soon, though.

Also if you wanna see bios, I’ll pull 'em up. I have pictures of all the main characters.


Dat was preti cool. I’d be interested in seeing more character bios.

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Any specific ones?

I would perfer that you post them here. It makes it easier to keep track of when the next one comes out.

I am posting it on the other place because that’s where the main universe is. Plus I have a ton more there.

I just want thoughts on this overall.

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Pretty nice!

Any thoughts on the story? Characters?

Those are the kind of comments I am looking for.


Oh, but if I had to choose one, it would be Carolina or Black Blast.



Just a warning: these articles contain spoilers.

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Kinda looks like the administrator from TF2

I can see it with the suit, and kind of the hair? But Carolina is younger. MUCH younger.

White& Co Law Offices? No similarity to Wright & Co Law offices. None at all…


I wanted to make it sound different, I really did.

But I couldn’t. :’(

Anyways I might post the next issue soon.


That was interesting.

The writing style is a bit odd, but I enjoyed it.

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Stephanie: What have I gotten myself into?

Stephanie: It’s been an entire week since I was attacked by that “Black Blast” idiot. I’m still trying to figure out these powers. It’s not easy to really know when they trigger. It would be better to know how to control them. Even getting frightened a bit has almost triggered them. I have learned how to stop it from happening, of course. However, making it happen is another story.

We see “Stefay” and Carolina walking up the courthouse steps…

Stephanie: Since that man assaulted me a week ago, the police have investigated and I now have to witness against him in court. While this would usually be a good thing, there’s two problems: one, the discovery of these powers by the people, and two, Carolina is defending Mr. Backburns, as Black Blast is called.

Carolina: I’m not going to treat Mr. Backburns any different than any of my other clients, Stefay. That’s how I go with things.

Stephanie: Even if you know that he assaulted me?

Carolina is silent.

Carolina: Regardless it is my duty to make sure he gets a fair defense.

Stephanie: You didn’t answer my question.

Carolina: Sigh You know I’m not trying to work against you, Stefay. The state assigned me to it. I try to get the best defense I can. You know I side with you on the issue. Just trust me. I know you’ll win.

Carolina and Stephanie part ways. While getting ready in the defense lounge, Carolina is approached by some men. She is too focused on the evidence and statements that she doesn’t look up but certainly notices them.

Carolina: Hello.

Man #1: You’d better not lighten up to your little friend of yours.

Carolina: Excuse me?

Man #2: Your client.

Carolina: What about him?

Man #1: Well, let’s just say we don’t want him losing this case.

Carolina: What if he does?

Man #2: He won’t.


District Attorney (DA): So you’re telling me, Mr. Falkner, that you saw Ms. Barmms throw the man over her balcony after he held a knife to her throat.

Falkner: Indeed. Saw it with both of my eyes.

DA: Was the side the blunt side or the sharp?

Falkner: Definitely sharp end.

DA: Your witness.

Carolina gets up from her seat.

Carolina: Mr. Falkner, you said you saw my client, Mr. Backburns try to attack Ms. Barmms with his knife. Which angle on this map did you see it from?

Falkner points on the road.

Falkner: I got a pretty good view from there. I was walking in the street while the struggle caught my eye.

Carolina smiles and then shrugs.

Carolina: Do you not now see the problem with that?

Falkner: What would that be?

Carolina: According to our last witness, Officer Wilds, there was speedy traffic during 8:32 PM as you stated was the time you saw the assault. So then, Mr, Falkner, why were you walking into traffic? Also, isn’t that j-walking?

DA: Objection your honor, that has nothing to do with-

Carolina: It has everything to do with this case! This is the witness’s position we’re talking about!

Judge: Objection overruled, Prosecutor Bailways.

Carolina (leaning on the witness stand): So why were you in the street?

Falkner: I-I was trying to get across to head on over to Barmms Jewelry, which by the way I know is directly under Ms. Barmms’s house. So don’t question if I’m insane or not!

Carolina (with a smug grin): Wasn’t going to. However, you do know that Barmms Jewelry closes at around 8:00, right?

Falkner: Yes I do, and I was late unfortunately. I saw it across the street and saw the closed sign.

Carolina: Then why did you-

DA: If you listened to his testimony, Ms. White you would know that he began to yell at the victim and the assaulter to stop.

Carolina: Right, and our victim managed to hurl my client down a 22-feet drop. It’s amazing that he only broke his arms and didn’t suffer head trauma.

DA: But it was self-defense!

Carolina: Was it?

DA: Of course it was! Our detectives determined that Ms. Barmms was clearly a victim of assault and the fact that she managed to escape narrowly with her own life is a miracle!

Carolina: Then why does she not show any injuries?

DA: What?

Carolina: You saw the medical report. She has no injuries.

The DA looks sternly at Carolina.

Carolina: She has zero injuries. I wouldn’t call that assault. Would you? And yet my client managed to take quite a good beating from Ms. Barmms. (Snickering) Quite embarrassing for my client to be beat up by such a meek and “defenseless” woman.

Stephanie (In the audience): What are you trying to do, Carolina? I was clearly attacked!

DA: This witness shows that Ms. Barmms got into a struggle with Mr. Backburns and that he held a knife to her.

Carolina: Yes, after he took a beating to her. I would call that self defense.

DA: But he shot through her window! That’s a clear sign that he wanted to murder her!

Carolina: Maybe he didn’t know she was home!

DA: You have no proof of what the defendant intended!

Carolina: Then why don’t I just bring him up? That sounds like an amazing idea. Maybe we can offer our Jury to see both sides of the story! I am done cross-examining this witness. Bring up my client.

Judge: I approve of Ms. Carolina’s request. Bailiff, bring up Mr. Carl Backburns.

Backburn’s arms are in casts and are severely broken while his face shows a black eye. The jury is shocked by seeing such harm he has taken in. Carolina smiles. However, as she looks back onto Stephanie, that smile goes away. Stephanie shows a face of disappointment.

Carolina: I completely forgot about Steph… But those men! They said I would win the trial! I hope they don’t mean they’re going to harm anyone or hold a hostage!

Secretary (Holding out Bible): State your name and occupation.

Backburns: Carl Backburns. Unemployed.

Stephanie (to herself): Maybe you should get a job instead of attacking women.

Secretary: Do you promise to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?

Backburns: Yeah whatever, Lassie.

Backburns goes to the witness stand.

DA: Mr. Backburns, where exactly where you on January 27th at 8:30 PM?

Backburns: Heh. I was hoping on getting some money from a friend since I was accused of breaking into a jewelry store. That would pay the fine and I wouldn’t go into prison.

DA: Then how come so many of my witnesses state they saw you attacking Ms. Stephanie Barmms?

Carolina: Objection! We are still undecided on whether he attacked Ms. Barmms or if he was defending himself after he broke in.

DA: Either way, Ms. White, he was committing a crime. Ms. Barmms was defending her homestead.

Carolina: I er… ugh.

DA: You’re clearly lying, Mr. Backburns. You were apprehended by the police shortly after the incident and many witnesses know that you attacked Ms. Barmms. It’s a fact now. All you need to do is admit your crime. No damage will be done to you. All you’ll need to do is stay in a nice, cold prison cell for several years.

Carolina: Objection, your honor! Mr. Bailways is badgering the witness!

DA (laughing): I’m only stating the truth Ms. White!

Judge: Objection sustained. Mr. Bailways, please have an unbiased point of view toward our witness.

DA: Whatever.

Backburns: Look here, Prosecutor. These witnesses only saw me with a knife to her neck. Nothing more. They didn’t see the struggle, nobody did. It seems you don’t have a case. There aren’t even fingerprints on the gun. You have no proof that I did it.

DA: You really think so?

The DA turns around to get a folder on his desk and comes back to slam it on the witness stand.

DA (with a smile): The evidence would disagree, Mr. Backburns.

Backburns: What the hell is this supposed to be?

DA: My evidence. Witness testimonies, DNA analysis of the blood splattered on the floor. We also found a receipt for the purchase of the gun and bullets that you carried on you. It seems this case is stacking so much upon you, isn’t it?

Backburns: You must’ve forged this evidence, Prosecutor. I’d nev’r attack a pretty lady like Ms. Barmms over there. Especially a beautiful red head like herself. Such a curvaceous figure she has, too.

DA (Smiling with his eyes closed): Please, Mr. Backburns. Could you refrain from stating your attraction to Ms. Barmms if you could?

Backburns (smiling): You’re just jealous.

DA: Regardless the facts, Mr. Backburns, your smooth talking won’t get you very far. The evidence stacks up highly against you. There is no way out of this. (Turns around) Wouldn’t you agree, Ms. White.

Carolina is silent.

DA: Ah, see? Even your own attorney agrees. You committed a crime. You can’t deny it. All you need to do is admit the truth!

Backburns: If you insist: I didn’t attack Ms. Barmms.

The Jury begins to talk wildly. Carolina looks at Stephanie behind her. Stephanie shows no emotion but looks concentrated.

Stephanie: That idiot knows the longer he stalls the longer it will take for a verdict to happen.

Carolina: I know that! You know what I’m going to do… I’m gonna have to side on Mr. Bailways. I can’t keep defending this man. I know he’s guilty. The evidence shows he is.

(Voice from the distance): You’re not going to side with anyone, Ms. White.

Carolina turns around to see one of the people in the house holding a revolver, a hat and sunglasses.

Gunman: You heard me. Mr. Backburns is going to get a not guilty verdict!

The bailiff points his gun at the gunman.

Bailiff: Drop your weapon! Now!

Two other men stand up in the audience. They pull out their automatics.

Gunman: How about we make sure our buddy gets a fair trial! Now put down the gun. You’re outmatched.

The Bailiff keeps his gun up.

Judge: Bailiff! Put your gun down!

To Be Continued…


So what did you guys think of issue #2? Cool, right?

And yes I am obsessed with Ace Attorney. Big whoop. I felt the cover worked.


Great! But so similar to ace attorney. I mean, that segemnt is basically ace attorney. Except that the defended is going to lose. But it has some interesting and funny dialogue. Coolio!

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I added another obscure reference in there. Anyone who gets it gets brownie points.

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I didn’t get the reference T_T such grief many sorrow.

Nice (Comic? Story? What do I call it?). I’m reading chapter 3 right now…

The third issue? Ooh… I really should post it here. I’m hoping people give me feedback on the story as I show it.

It’s alright. Not many would.

I’d give feedback… but I haven’t found anything really to criticize… If I think of anything I’ll post it.