Emma, Em-1 (update)

This post goes to the people who don't follow me on Instagram. These updates are minor, consisting of the upper arms, hands, and hair.


The arms does look somewhat better, but I do with the hips is abit less wide.


Not a big fan of the hair, it doesn't fit. Could you give better pictures? I can't see much.

Very thicc.


she seriously looks like her spine is broken
otherwise it's alright i guess


Tisk-Tisk, these over-sexualized MOCs these days. :wink:

I'm just gonna leave this here...

In all seriousness tho this moc looks fine. Detail is pretty good here.


the hips still look way too wide for the frame.

also, the way the spine is posed is extremely awkward.

seriously, take her to a chiropractor. she probably needs it.

and @Zero, the difference there is that the pose can actually be done by a human, without them throwing their back out.


The pictures make it pretty hard to make out the whole figure, see if you can get a few more basic angle pictures.

Yeah no, that can be done by a human, with this pose/build the hips are separated from the spine really far, its like a J, where ghosty's pose is more like a (

So yeah Vahi, either the pose is wonky, or the build itself, hard to tell cause of the single picture we have.


this is most likely, seeing as he's (Vahi's) been known for oversexualization.

this time, it's to a literal painful degree.

here, i hope this visual helps

trying to jut out both its boobs and its but at the same time.

just ends up making the moc look like it has severe back problems.


Alright, well thank you for letting me know that I’m now known for this and maybe one day ill live up to the title of being “The New Dawn Of NSSD”. Also thanks for the visual, I’m trying to figure out how you knew I was a visual learner.