Emma, Em-1

Just call her Emma or Em-1, I dont care.

I believe this moc falls in between the categories of 'taking things seriously' and 'just moccing as I go' (someones going to quote me on that I just feel it). As far as I can say when it comes to any work on this moc is that I had that lower leg design for awhile before finally figuring out something to do with them and that Nimbutt was just lying around waiting to be used.

Theres no story and I doubt there will be much in the future considering the rest of my mocs lack in that. But one of my friends suggested "Instead of calling her Emma, just call her Em-1 and every time you revamp her change the number." (if I ever decide not to scrap this moc).

Anyway hope you somewhat enjoyed,
have an above average day.

(again, I feel like theres something in there that will start an argument)


it might be this

but I am not sure, tho I like the moc, great use of those nexo knight pieces on the back of the arms, It seems like it has a lot different shades of orange, but I am not sure about that


I like the color scheme, and the uses of system. Not too sold on the mask though.

I choose to ignore that, for the very reason given. It's easier that way.


this moc is amazing
I love how it is designed
especially that diorama you made

but the only problem is what Asriel pointed out
since I do see female mocs with them alot
but I won't go to far into it


that looks like a female charapter . So you achieved your goal , but you could make her butt a little bit smaler !

Yeah, seems to be the reason why people tend to criticize most of my mocs. Anyway thank you

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would "baby got back" be too easy?

I think you may have slightly overdone it on the hips, and the hoof feet don't really work, but honestly my biggest complaint is the upper arms, the slope plates are so ugly and jagged especially compared to how smooth everything else is.

I used to be one of the people who would go off on a moc like this, but I grew up and don't really care.


The color scheme is nice and well-executed, the use of an '08 visor for the head is nothing new but effective all the same, and there's a wonderful poise to her pose. The leg design is greebled enough to suggest the presence of plenty of pistons or other mechanical structures in that... let's say generous hip assembly. I'd agree with @Payinku that, at this point, large posteriors on MOCs are hardly worth complaining about, especially when the rest of the MOC is as well-designed as this. Two suggestions: the upper arm slope plates would look better if they had their smoother upside facing out rather than the jagged underside, and her lower back looks just a bit too hollow underneath the 2015 armor add-on. Still, great job!

Maybe they're supposed to imitate shoes like these? They do have some heels on them...

Then again, even if that is the case they'd probably look better if the toe piece was moved at least one stud forward.


Legs.. so hot... so hot you fry an egg...

Jokes aside, I actually like the MOC. - I really enjoy MOCs that have more out-there proportions that don't necessarily obey the rule of overly-standardized and bland humanoid figures with perfectly human proportions. - It's just something I noticed runs in the community a lot these days.

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I'm sorry but everything from the waist down is too thick compared to the upper torso. Plus the torso juts out waaaaaaaaaay too much. You had something going here with the zamors, cool custom head design and even use of system plates to make some extravagant, but then the flow was ruined by a HUGE butt and the thighs being way to thick for the thinner upper body.

If you wanna have a thicker looking female character, try to add it all across the body and not just the bottom. I don't care if you sexualize your MOCs, just try to make it look good and evenly spread it.

So, in short:

- Upper torso is good with the nice mixture of system, CCBS and technic.
- The head design is good, especially with the pony tail.
- Like the use of zamors.
-The torso looks like it's hardly connecting to the hips.
- Hips and legs are too thick compared to the thin upper body.
- I never like it when MOCers make hoove feet and I don't really like it here either. I don't see how she's supposed to support her heavy legs with those tiny feet.

Overall, I think if you wanna make this MOC better, make the torso jut out less and make it a bit thicker. Then you'd have something better.


I feel like you could make 2 different better mocs out of this one. just take the legs and make a better proportioned body. and then take the torse and give that 2 better proportioned legs.

I like the 2 halves of this Moc alot but I don't think they go together very well.

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It looks really jumbled, with some parts sticking out and others not matching the texture.
Things like exposed (bright orange) technic, anti-studs and 01-05 hand conecors mix horribly with the smoother looking armor.

And then there's the hips, they are just too big. A butt is fine, but no that, I would recommend making the shoulders slightly wider and the hips less wide.

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Love the use of bricks in this moc, bricks are usually unrepresented in Bionicle moccing. Good job! :smiley:

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I like how this mimics human proportions. Reminds me of something you'd see in a anime.
I would complain about her butt, but unlike some other female creations by a certain banned amount it looks like you designed it that way and wasnt just added for the sake of making it look female either. I actually like designs like that as long as they aren't forced or out of place and you executed it nicely.

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Das a butt. I think @Alieraah would be proud.


Amazingly the major point of contention isn't even my big problem with the MOC.

The arms are. I don't like them at all. The random system stuff on the side is so awkward.

That and the waist being, as @Chronicler said, hilariously far back from the torso, which just doesn't work in this case.

Other than that the legs are, shockingly, the best part of the MOC. I think the back of the thighs remain overdone, and it's very clear that the rear end is there for the sake of having one (most notably because it's silver - the rest of the MOC isn't, for the most part.

To me, in the end, it's meh. I like some of the thematic options you went with, but the end result just doesn't really leave me very impressed. If it's the kind of MOC that makes you happy though, I'm not one to stop you.

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Don't force something into a moc. In this case it doesn't help the moc at all. It makes the hips far too wide and too far back.