Emmet's Star-Spangled Syspocalypstar mech

Emmet has re-tooled his Apocalypseburg DUPLO smasher into a star-spangled construction mech. Now he can build the first block of dream houses for all those sparkle babies with suspiciously absent parents.

two things about me: I love the LEGO Movies and I love using stickers on my mocs. Originally This began as my tinkering with the creator set 31090 to keep my hands busy. By some people’s standards this is a table scrap, but I had fun! Maybe you’ll get a chuckle out of this moc as well.

I included a tapedeck sticker on the mech as a Guardians of the Galaxy reference. I’m so, so clever. The excessive use of orange star stickers are to emulate the look of Syspocalypstar- a mishmash of girly and mad max-ish aesthetics.


Very nice. The armor plates on the shoulders seem a little out of place, but it’s not too bad.

Do you have the toys R us Geoffrey model?


Hey! Bada bing bada boom, I’m workin’ wit what I got 'ere! I used my nephew as reference for the proportions and he works out like a maniac.


Exactly. It’s very good for a small pool of parts. And the shoulders aren’t that bad.

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Despite the fact that I personally don’t like the LEGO Movie 2 sets, I find myself in love with this MOC. The use of stickers is amazing. And the part usage is great!

Seriously, this is what the LEGO Movie 2 sets should have really looked like.

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Given the limitations LEGO designers have, I really love the LM2 sets. I highly recommend you at least pick up UltraKatty.


What limitations?

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limitations like: The price point and piece count being determined before they start, the parts they have available to them, designing something meant for a child to play with. You know, just common sense stuff you could probably infer.

They also have to do a lot of stress testing for their builds- drop tests, sticking things in an oven, letting kids play with them, etc. So maybe my moc looks nice but it would never fly as an official set. Such is the case with most mocs. Official sets are always designed with the lowest common denominator consumer in mind.

Honestly, something I never considered before, but for parents a big selling point is whether or not a set will shatter when a kid plays with it or not. Considering that LEGO’s primary target demographic is kids every* set has to be geared towards them I think.

All that said, people might complain about how sets look but there’s a lot of thought that does go into them and every part is connected in a certain way for a reason. I dunno. The LM2 has some really good sets. From a certain point of view.

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