Emojis hate me

So I go to type in an emoji like all the other fellow kids

Only, when I type half of it in and click on the one I want, it… Reloads my tab and doesn’t even give me the emoji

Not a big issue but it has made the site double post my posts more than once


Does it work if you just click not eh emoji icon when you’re typing your post?

Well, I’ve been posting emojis in spite of this, but I have to type it out completely to get it to appear.

Like this: :gregf:

I clicked it before I finished typing it as well, and again it reset my tab.

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Huh. Are you on mobile?

I used to have this problem after the update happened and then it stopped. Couldn’t tell you why.


I’ve been having the issue too. I think I can explain why it reloads the tab, at least: the emoji window basically isn’t there, so you’re probably just clicking through the emoji you want on the topic’s title or such, which re-loads the thread. As far as I can tell, everything related to emoji is a bit broken right now. I’ve just been too lazy to make a topic about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I thought it was a browser issue lol

I’m on a laptop and it’s been working fine even since the update.