Empire of Insects

A light rain began to pour down across Grales. The crops accepted it gladly, and the Millipedes raised their heads to the sky. But the dark skies crackled with thunder off in the distance, the calling card for a downpour.

Farmers forced their Millipedes back into pens, merchants closed up their open store fronts. The Holos stood stoically at their posts, patrolling the streets and village, while the Emperor resided safely in his summit.

And for those close enough to hear, the incessant ticking from the old windmill continued on as strong as ever.


Sopter Sat in his Chambers, the quiet soothed him as his sensitive hearing allowed him to peer into not only most political whispers but every slight annoyence.


Meanwhile, in the swamps of Grales…

As the rain fell, the swamp waters below began to swell up and slowly rise.
In an enclave in the swamp’s shores, there was an opening between the rotten dead vegetation and mud that created a narrow tunnel, leading into a dank underground cavern with minimal lighting. Wails of agony and despair could be heard echoing throughout the muddy cave, some being groans of hunger while others were the groans of being eaten alive.
The Blood Queen sat on her throne at the center, taking in the scene with great bitterness as water from aboveground dripped from the dirt ceiling.
The cavern seemed to ironically symbolise the state her “organization”: falling apart.
The Blood Pact had once been a glorious shadow power in Grales, and now it had been reduced to…this.
The numbers were rapidly decreasing, and they were running out of food in their territory. The Blood Queen was faced with a difficult decision to make for her people in the coming days…

Meanwhile, at The Sand Tavern…
Scalthus sat, taking a long swig of what appeared to be flower nectar. Business hadn’t been so good for him lately, in fact it seemed to have significantly slowed ever since The Emperor’s death. Scalthus sat there impatiently, waiting for someone, anyone who might’ve had a job for him.

Izbec finished his final tale and an applause went up from the small crowd that had gathered round him. He made one last showy bow as he hopped down from the stool he had been standing on. He flicked a coin into the tip jar as he began to make his way out of the Sandy Tavern. He had had his fun, now he had to make the journey to the Capitol, he had made the trip many times, and knew it well, but he wanted to get as much distance in as he could; he felt a storm a brewing, and the last thing he wanted was to be stuck on the road with no shelter. So, without any more delays, Izbec started out on his track, humming to himself as he walked.

Lilth stretched his arm as he stood in his apartment far above the lower levels of the Capitol, peering over his notes. He took off his monocle and looked out the window covered in rain droplets and sighed. The Emperor was dead, assassinated, and he wanted, no, needed to know more. It was just in his nature he supposed. He wrapped his scarlet silk scarf around his neck as he headed out the door.



The rain glistened against the shining armour of Shogunate of the Holos, and the strongest Rhino Beetle in the land, Wei Mu. It didn’t even cause him to blink as the droplets smashed into his eyes. The Holos were known for their resilience, and the Shogunate had to maintain the position as the best of the best.

As he slowly walked through the streets, he saw Lilth exit his apartment and glanced suspiciously at him. The delicate little moth held a lot of position in the city, but his main concern was how well the delicate insect would hold up against the torrent.

“The skies are unfriendly today, moth.” He spoke in a deep monotone. “And you do not seem waterproof.”

Okiri was also sat in the Sand tavern, swigging a mug of tree sap. After finishing his drink he took up his sword and began to make for the exit, spotting Izbec he began to follow him and called out “Hey! You’re that fella who was tellin’ everyone stories right?

Scalthus peered in Okiri’s direction, curious about what all the commotion was.

A beefy looking warrior of the crickets took a glance at the storyteller and the incredibly sparkly beetle before looking at her half empty mug.

“Wherezall those stories come from anyway…” she quietly says to herself, slurring her words due to both fatigue and her drink

Okiri points toward Izbec “I think it’s that guy, he’ was talkin’ about a bunch of crazy stuff

“Yeah but like wherez he get them doez’e make em up or…?”

I dunno, I was gonna ask him… but now I feel kinda self-concious 'bout it

“Life’s too short to worry about things like that…” Scalthus rasped, as he went for another swig of his drink. But he noticed that the mug was empty, so he called for another one.

“Well I’ll go ask ‘im then for th’ pursuit of knowledge n all that.”

Can I come with?” Okiri asked, barely masking his excitement.

“Yah why not.”
Evelyn drains the last of her mug and stands up a little too quickly causing her to stumble a bit before awkwardly plodding towards Izbec

Scalthus was going to stay behind and drink more, but when the bartender said he was all out of nectar, Scalthus sighed.
“Fine, I guess I’ll go too.” He mumbled, grunting as he rose from his seat and followed the two.

Goliath stood on post. He gave his carapace shells and wings a quick flutter to shake off the rain. He was deep in thought, reflecting over recent events.

Right now what he really wanted was someone to talk to. On such a dreary day, a companion would be wonderful.

Izbec turned to see the small group of bugs making their way toward him. “Can I help you?” He asked gingerly, desperately hoping that they weren’t out for his head.

We couldn’t help but notice you were tellin’ everyone those stories earlier, we wanted to ask where those stories came from.

Scalthus nodded in agreement.