Empire of Toa: A Bionicle MMORPG in minecraft

Greetings everyone, I dont know if this is the right category but here we go.

I made this video bringing people a brand new experience of playing Minecraft. Its basically Bionicle turned into an MMORPG but in Minecraft

Hope you guys like it :smiley:


You made it yourself?
That’s really impressive.

Yep, Mata Nui is just part of the whole map. In 2013 I had the idea of recreating the whole MU buz in minecraft, previous Mata Nui I was working on minor islands such as Daxia, Xia, Odina and so on, however I feel like opening the server with Mata Nui would bring more people to it as everyone is familar with the island of Mata Nui rather than the expanded universe


That’s awesome.

Appart from building and terraforming I also took some time to learn modeling minecraft entities so all the rahi and items shown in the video were made by me as well

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That looks sick with there be any chance of it becoming a public server?

Yeah, but if by public u mean people with cracked minecraft, NO

Cracked Minecraft? What?

The Hype is real!

Which version of Minecraft is this on?