just like @Asriel post this is also on here for me

chronicler closed mine, said it was a bug on my said, but now Im pretty sure it’s not just on my side

yeah i saw it for myself useing the site, its there

It’s there for me too

I saw it too.

The end is near! The end of the world boards is nigh! Repent thy sins double posts!

Yeah, I saw it as well.

(@Peelacar You might want to say what this is about for people who haven’t rad the other topic)


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I clicked on it and it sends me into the matrix, where I was told I was “the one” and had to fight Hugo Weaving.

it actually brought me to the latest topics page.

Well, it is replacing the “latest” button, so that makes sense.


It’s happening for me too so…


Thing is, it’s not happening for everyone from what I’ve seen. I’m not getting it at all.

Update: Just realized it happens when I use modern boards. Guys, go to your interface and go to “classic boards” for the meantime.

Profile/Notifications Tab => Settings => Interface => Theme.
Figured I’d include this in the event someone didn’t know how to get there.