Ender, Toa of Air

Here it is, my self-moc. this is actually one of the oldest mocs i made but it’s also one of my favourites! Recently i also did some minor changes in the body and the lower legs. the build is pretty solid aside from the armour of the lower legs wich can fall apart some times.


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Looks pretty good, has a rather consistent color scheme. The shoulders are near non-existent though, you might want to fix that if you can.

yeah you’re probably right

I actually really like it. It manages to look like an Inika Build despite being ten times as complex. I really like it… I really do.


I agree, there’s something rather charming about this guy, props to you man

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The shoulders are a bit odd, but I like it.

thanks to everyone who liked this post, i’ll try and fix the shoulders if i can xD

I’ve not really seen this color scheme on a Toa of Air, but it works.

*Toa of christmas
The arms could be improved but the torso and legs are great, though you may want to put like a tire or something to make his waist look better.

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Great job! The legs could use a little more green, in my opinion, but this is still a nice-looking MOC.

Pretty nice looking MOC, with an interesting color scheme. The only thing that really needs work is the connection between the upper and lower torso. I would beef it up a bit, as it is quite awkward having such a skinny connection.

Nice overall, but it suddenly gets super narrow around the waist, and the silver there just makes it more noticeable. Might wanna put some armour around that. Also, the hordika weapons on the front of the arms look messy IMO

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I really like this moc, the colours are unique and surprisingly go together really well.
The only thing I don’t like is that it looks a little messy in places

Quite fond of how it looks. Only qualm is pretty much what other people have already mentioned with the shoulders.

Is he related to our favorite toa of air? (:mask:) (not Eljay)

maybe he’s related to my favourite Toa of air, Matau

Quite an interesting style I haven’t really seen before, I love it!

Also, @Makantor_Jesus, I’m Italian too, yay.


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It looks good. But maybe more green and a thicker waist. I dunno