Enders Game

So here you can talk about Enders Game, as well as its sequels and spin-offs.
I thought all the books in the main series were pretty good, although speaker for the dead was the weakest one IMO. I haven't finished the Shadow series yet, though from what iv'e read so far its pretty good.


I've only read the original book and Speaker For The Dead. I need to look up the chronological order of the books so I can read them in order.

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I've read the first one and liked it a lot. I have Speaker for the Dead and Ender's Shadow lying around in my room; I just need to find the time to read them. stuck_out_tongue

Oh, and I didn't think the movie did the book justice at all.

Yea, the movie was terrible.

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I've seen the movie and it was horrible. The main character was annoying (or at least the actor that played him). I assume the books are much better.