Endymion - Fallen King: WIP

Hello everyone on the Boards!

I’ve had this WIP on my shelf for quite some time, making him probably one of my longest running single MOC projects. If anyone has seen my Flickr or my MOCPages, you might recognize this guy as a former WIP for a villain MOC I was planning. Well…things have changed.

I really want to build more villains, but the way this WIP was going I didn’t feel suited what I wanted out of one. So, I recycled it into this: a WIP for a new hero MOC named Endymion (yes, I know it’s a real mythological name, but I liked it and it ties into his story).

He’s not perfect, and he needs a lot of tweaking and maybe even some parts painting, but so far I like his general look (probably because he uses my already-way-too-overused Ghar body, but what can I say…I found something that works and am sticking with it).

Full shot of the WIP so far. He has a little Technic stand to hold him up.

Close up of the torso. Instead of the usual Nuva chest armor I decided to experiment with some custom armoring, adn so far it’s okay. I would like the chest to forward more, or even put a Super Chest on there, but that would require some butchering of the current assembly, and Mata Nui knows what might happen if I do that!

Back shot. Is this too Tahu? I like it. My sketched outline of him called for shoulder spikes (think Lewa 2015 but facing backwards), and this worked out pretty cool looking.

Back without the stand in the way.

Tentative upper legs, kind of old-school. I want that armor there, but I am also tempted to use my Novan upper leg design here too. We’ll see, but this is as far as I got with the extreme lack of parts I’m down to. Lower legs I want Knight’s Kingdom armor, but I’d have to buy some.

Inside of the WIP and back/side of the thighs. Also, a good look at that awesome stand!

So, let me know what you think. He’s not going to be complete for a pretty long time, not until I get a lot more pieces. Unfortunately, I asked for some expensive stuff this Christmas and a Bricklink order wasn’t part of that…

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hm. its looking nice. I would add more white to his color scheme. and his wrists might be a tad thin but other than that i like the look of him!

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Loving the look he has so far! I’d recommend adding more white into his color scheme though.

Lookin’ good.

So far , he looks pretty good

The only thing I probably don’t like is that he has so many red pins. (The blue pins are okay.)

I’d say keep going, cause I like where this is going.

Thanks all!

Tis but a WIP. The red pins won’t be in the final product!

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So he has a name now… he is looking good. I hope he will have that white on him fixed one way or the other though.

White is part of his color scheme. Black, silver, and white. I need to add more to make that more apparent!

Nice. Everything looks good so far, the only thing I think you should change is the silver Barraki armor. It doesn’t really fit, and it looks odd compared to the rest of the MOC.

You seem to be stuck in the inika biotube period my friend. Trust me I’ve been there.

It’s cluttered. Best way to describe it. It’s clunky and cluttered, mixed textures and shapes, joints and hordika necks visible, technic beams that are 5 long? Really? This really is an inika biotube Titan build.

For example the inner upper arms, they use a piece that you really should use for the outside, not the inside. It creates something that can be seen throughout the Moc. A disturbance in flow. Everything is all over the place.

I’d say make up your mind when it comes to esthetic.

Ccbs or Bionicle Technic based.

If you choose the latter, I highly suggest you redesign him completely, or…well it’s still a wip so you could change anything and not call it redesign- whatever you get the point.

Start out simple, when you use technic and Bionicle be sure to use both with an intention.

Technic for the skeleton for whatever you’re building and Bionicle armor parts to cover things up nicely.

Ccbs can also be used with technic in tandem. Balljoints, matahands, axles, pin connectors, tires, those are the things you’ll use mostly if you choose to use this style.

Of course you could use both styles but it’s hard to pull off and no offense but when I look at this Moc in its current state even as a wip I don’t think you could pull it off. Just my honest opinion.

If you want me to go in depth as to what is wrong about what body part. Just say so, I’m happy to give good constructive criticism


Thanks for the critique, man.

I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with that statement. Perhaps some aspects of this WIP’s appearance may be reminiscent of older MOCs, but I don’t feel anything about my style with completed MOCs is outdated.

Clashing textures I can agree with.

How do you mean?

I honestly don’t see many MOCs that have joints completely covered. It’s a LEGO product and not an action figure. Perhaps you could show me some example to help me see what you see?

Something’s wrong with that?

The thighs are, yes. But currently that’s all I have in the way of parts, and probably will be for a good while. As to it being an Inika Titan build, I again respectfully disagree. There is much more to it than anything an Inika Titan ever had.

Why should a piece be limited only to use on the outside? What makes it only able to be used on the outside?

Good piece of advice.

I realize.

I’ll keep it in mind!

Thanks again!

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Chose my words a bit poorly here and there.
I meant the hordika piece as a whole, seeing the ball joint is obvious and normal.

As for the hydraxon armor piece, it just naturally flows best with the front side of the piece being used as an outer part since it was designed that way and has its merits there. Using it for the inside of the arm seem so utile nobody really judges the inner sides of the limbs, it doesn’t draw attention. Unnecessary detail and it disturbs the flow. It doesn’t fit in because of textures and shape, if it were used on a larger more gargantuan Moc it could have worked.
Here it doesn’t sadly.

When I say inika Titan I mean inika Titan Mocs. Of the biotube inika era. Where 5 long beams that stick out and mess with natural shaping where a staple and a mix match of textures and shapes was called conciseness esthetic. The piraka foot has been used as chest and originated from that era after hydraxon used it in his set. Many used it for Titan Mocs together with a big lump of technic that wasn’t covered and had blocky shaping.

This strongly reminds me of that. Hence why I call it that.

I thank you for taking the time to read and respond, I really like that. I’ll be here if you need me and If you show wips be sure to tag me! :wink:

Looks pretty standard so far, I’d recommend replacing the gunmetal with either white or silver, to keep the color scheme balanced.

The hordika piece is a double-edged sword! It helps get ball joints in some needed places, but I feel its odd angle disrupts its natural look…kinda actually like a Hordika now that I think about it. I don’t enjoy using it where a Glatorian neck would be better, and I will try to find a way to fix that, and the back sword attachment. Also, side note I never mentioned in my first post, the mass of Technic around his neck is going to be a cape attachment, that being if I ever get a cape! Not sure if it will work or not, but currently my the only way I could think of getting one on him.

Well I guess I get what you’re saying.

You have not seen the inside construction of that arm…yikes…I would judge if it wasn’t mine! Frankly, it needs something there, and without it the entire arm wouldn’t work.

I get you, but I don’t see simply using a Piraka foot (as back armor here, I’d note), qualifies a MOC to be an Inika Titan. It’s the build that counts, not the armoring.

I don’t see any lumps of Technic , aside from the aforementioned neck bit. If it’s the chest you mean, I’ve actually been attempting to fit a Super Chest on there to give it more of a rounder shape and less flat and blocky, but I’ll have to dedicate some time to shaving off the current chest armoring and redesign it.

Will do. Thanks for your extensive critique (and this is just a WIP, so I’d encourage you to view my MOCPages or my other MOC topics to see what I’ve completed!).

I don’t think that armor shell size comes in either…one is black, and the other is gunmetal, and the only reason they aren’t both black is because I’m too lazy to remove the printing off another Fire Lord piece! :smile:

No problem! I feel like helping out haha. Couldn’t find you on mocpages. Seen your Mocs on here though. I trust you consider your self Moc your masterpiece?
Proportions are okay, color distribution could be better but it’s not bad at all, color scheme is concise as well.
Problems I see are textures and shaping. It’s blocky and things are cluttered, mata hands used as armor with open sockets don’t look good. Like others have said, feet don’t work. Some gaps here and there (shoulders and such)
Other than that, the Moc isn’t bad but it has no flair. Colorscheme is far from unique and has been seen a great amount of times, fenrek himself having used and even donned these colors before as self Moc (Krozienne) for example.

Has no interesting features that come with the Moc. (Accessories don’t count)

As for your other Mocs. Novan and the like, inconsistencies throughout them. Texture clashes appear even more frequently there with awkward armor placement and choices of build style.

Nothing seems to be flush with your Mocs though. Like, no esthetic is there.
Weird to explain. There’s no certain look or style that defines the Moc as “ah it has a (insert name here) kind of esthetic/theme.”
Yes, you have a certain way of building that’s for sure.

I’d suggest just keeping building and experimenting, try another body design and such. Try and justify your placement of armor as well. Like you did with your SM, the Nuba armor had an esthetic, sleek and rounded. Something that doesn’t appear anywhere else other than the mask really.

Either way I wish you good luck as a moccists!