Enhanced Vorox [Revamp]

Nice companion piece to my enhanced Skrall, here’s my in-universe upgrade of Vorox!


Nice, very nice! I adore those legs.I wish my spring pieces weren’t bright yellow.


This is fantastic. The legs are super well designed. And the one humanoid arm makes it so creepy. Like he dismembered an enemy and decided to steal its arm. 10/10 for me.

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Great revamp! You really nailed the biomechanical look with this one! I really love the mandibles under the helm. But why did you go with green eyes? The original vorox had orange, and I think that would make more sense considering the red in the technic constructions. Also, props for the ccbs integration in the tail, looks right at home.

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@Dadertrix This MOC uses a Brain Attack HF head and I unfortunately only had them in green. To be completely honest I was under the impression they only came in green until I checked just now; I don’t mind the colour too much, but yeah, an orange head would have made much more sense.

That makes sense, I didn’t even notice that it wasn’t a glatorian head, my bad. Believe me I can understand the struggle of only having parts in certain colors.

It feels kinda way too mechanical in some places, but the rest is really good!

@Toa_Radrix Thanks! The reason this looks so mechanical is that as opposed to just regular Glatorian implants, it’s also had entire sections of its body removed for mechanical replacements. Very much inspired by the Strogg from Quake 4.

I’m not able to properly represent flesh using Bionicle pieces, but in-universe it’d look a lot more like this:

Nailed the biomechanical designs here, makes me think of an experiment gone wrong and this escaped, very cool and creepy.

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Epic revamp!

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Always love a moc that integrates those Technic shock absorbers.

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Very cool love the head design very alien looking

As far as I can tell, it’s hero factory 5.0 hero head with a star wars drone head used to make the bottom jaw. The “tusks” are attached with these pieces (two on each side of the head)


Outstanding moc by the way!

Woah, it’s like a failed experiment of the Great Beings before they officially started experimenting on the entirety of the Vorox species.

I like it. I like it a lot.

@MakutaOisli Sorry I couldn’t get to your comment sooner, @Atobe_Brick’s got it spot on.

@Bodi @TheShadowedOne1 Thanks!

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what are the hands made of?

They’re made of plastic.


Hey this looks pretty awesome!