Episode 225 Disscusion

Jon’s naked fat guy story was the funniest thing I’ve heard on the podcast yet. We need to make TTV great again by hitting more naked fat guys with cars.


Live on YouTube 'cuz RIP Vessel.

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If I ever see a fat guy get hit by a car I’m going to say, “Jon! I found your guy!”


This episode was something. I won’t forget the opening discussion any time soon.

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Because Brickfeed went by so quick and bored me, this made my week.

No MOC spotlight this week?

Quite a few innacuracies when discussing the Spider-man Homecoming trailer, a lot based on random speculation about characters more so than actually confirmed aspects. A quick search would have revealed that many of the characters they speculate about had names swaps to appeal to a larger audience.

  • Ganke for example had his name swapped because of sensitivity regarding the words meaning.
  • The actor who previously played Amadeus is confirmed to be playing a different character.
  • The debate about Zendaya seems to ignore factual evidence from released imagery, though i suppose they may have avoided that as they are clearly not keeping up with the film’s information as its released