Episode 35: The Invitation


I did some searching around on you tube and I found this:

pt. 1

pt. 2

There's alot to take in....so feel free to discuss


OMG!!! Zane is a robot!!!???!!!???


That was said last year...

Also, why are they using 'Master' names, I thought that was Bionicles thing.

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Well, they've used the term "Master since back in the day, in the "First Spinjitzu Master" and again in 2014 with "The Golden Master" only now are the Ninja themselves being referred to by that title, tho.


Cole is....



No, it wasn't. It was never said.

It was shown the year before, actually, during the whole Serpentine/Great Devourer arc.

@squeaverking Have you seen the episode Tick Tock? Zanes past is revealed, and he finds out he is a robot...

@Ekorak Don't forget about Kai, Master Of Fire, and Zane, Master of Ice...

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That's not a real episode. (Do you get the joke?)

Uhh, I think so, becuz its a 'Robotic' episode! Dun dun tssss smile

It's a joke that TTV made about Ninjago when they reviewed one of the episodes I think.

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Why is everybody going on about how ninja are masters like new BIONICLE? Why go on about that when they've added in YET ANOTHER love triangle to a CHILDRENS TOY LINE.

Still a better love story than twilight.

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Hmm? Another?

I don't think I pick up on the new one, unless of course you're referring to the triangle from the Rebooted saga, which was already discussed and acknowledged long ago.

I mean yeah, Kai has an interest in Skylar(I think her name was) but other than that...>.>


You just learned that?!
I shame you for life.


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Well I shame you for not realizing it was a joke.

I did realize it, see the smiley face.

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In episode 36 we find out that the mystery girl has fire powers. But when she helps Kai up in this episode, some flames appear on their arms. This leads some to believe that Kai and Skylor have some bond through fire but I think she has some sort of copy ability similar to Rouge from X-Men.


By the way, Skylor has the Mandarin symbol for "sky" on her uniform.
Don't believe me? Look at the close-up on her outfit as she talks with Kai and Jay helplessly dangles on the balcony.

Still in the Light Kanji camp myself

Edit: Might also actually be the Fire Kanji, looking closer at it

Light Lanji

Fire Kanji

Mandarin Sky Symbol, so far as I can tell.

I really liked this episode. I love the new feel to it, it is just so... I cannot explain it.

I can't wait to see where the story goes.

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