Episode 41 - Ending Reveal

At the end of episode 41, the very end, you see the entire ISLAND of Chima, and I could say that Mt. Cavora is a Chima mini-me. Yes, that's right, Chima and the Outlands are all one floating island! But that's not the best part of it, there are other lands around Chima just like it! This could solve many problems and answer long-unanswered questions since the beginning of the theme. We may find out where the Chi came from, or where Laval's mother is! I would upload a picture, but new members can't do that for some reason.


Chima confirmed for chunk of Crux.

That's a reference only LU players will get...


xD Lol I get that!

EDIT Added picture!

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This is Patrick.

wait is Chima finishing?

Yep, Chima's show ended with that episode, and Summer 2015 will be the final sets.

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really? I haven't heard from from Chima since 2014, whats the next/final line about?

Ahaha, I remember one of the podcasts they said "take Chima with you!" when they were discussing Bionicle replacing hero factory... Looks like it's happening


The last line of sets is just a few final Fire and Ice sets.

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ohh so it's the same with the 2014 but the end of 2014 through 2015

YES OMG that's perfect

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