Equine Shenanigans with Takuma and Eljay

So I made another picture, and just in case I ever decided to do so again (wishful thinking, really) this is now a topic with a more broad title that I can update with new stuff! If this is not the right way to do it, feel free to fix, I couldn't really find anything pertaining to exactly this kind of situation.

So here we are! Due to my lack of motivation to draw a version of my previous picture with a Woona for @TakumaNuva, I have instead decided to draw a whole new one!

Also down in the corner and as requested, Eljay is a pony! Again. I decided not to go the route of actually putting a Miru on his face and instead just put it on his flank.
Though he does remind me of somepony... is Eljay-pony canon?


Getting fan-art like this is, to say the least, surreal. I'll have to start dropping names for NPC's in the RPG or something. sunglasses

Sorry @tak210.


Better put me in the rpg then wink