Erebus, Lord of Darkness

src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/7/e/7e9bdf249103f2566119c59aa9010e330cbc1cc8.jpeg" width="669" height="499">


This looks nice, but you may want to fix the other pictures

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Heh, lol. I don't have a proper camera, the photos were taken on my iPad Mini.
I might retake the photos, but hey, I'm the laziest person on earth.

tbh i didnt expect a reply so soon :wink:

if ven reviews this imma freak out

as in "fix" i think he means "upload the rest"

when you're making a post, make sure all the upload images turn into a string of text before posting.

otherwise, you're gonna get "Uploading..." in place of said pictures.

ok m8

OK, now you've screwed up the last image.

Well, the MOC looks pretty solid so far... but we only have a back shot so it's hard to tell. :confused: As others have said, I would recommend fixing/reuploading/getting more pictures.

From what I can tell from a back-shot, this MOC is a bit cluttered. But this MOC also looks pretty nice.
More pictures would be nice so I can give my full opinion, since it's hard to base one off one picture of a back-shot.

From what I can tell (which isn't too much) I can see the color scheme is consistent, so we're off to a good start. I like the fingers, just post or upload more pictures so we can get a better look.

Can't really see what's going on there...

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Sorry everyone, this was my first post and I kinda didn't know what I was doing. :frowning:

i kinda dont want anyone else to see this post coz i screwed up the pictures :confused:

Could have just updated this one with the better pictures. Regardless, we don't need a duplicate topic, thus the other one will stay open while this one stays closed.

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