Eric the Grim Reaper V2

I decided to make his shoulders more poseable since the last version had pretty bad articulation in the shoulders. I also redid the legs so now he has ankles. I’m really happy with how I got the shoulder armor to move.

anyways, story that’s definitely not copy pasted

Eric is the Grim Reaper, the one who you see right before death. The one who, with his scythe, will cut the last thread connecting you to life, and lead you to the underworld.

Or so he wants to believe.

In reality, he’s just another Matoran who the others write off as “Somebody to stay away from.” However he is very good friends with Xaia, even though she constantly teases hims about his goals to become the Grim Reaper. Despite this, and everyone else calling his dreams “a stupid phase,” he knows that someday he will achieve his day. Until that day though…

Showing off armor movement

C&C welcome, and enjoy!


question: What’s the whole deal about adding Mixel Eyes and getting Phenomenal cosmic power!

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Because Mixel Eyes are the best thing ever.

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Eh, to each their own. I just find it confusing from a story standpoint. From a design standpoint, it does draw attention to the thing with the new pieces.

Yeah, story wise I didn’t think about it too much. I’ll probably end up changing it to unlocking an inner potential power thing, so I’m not confined to Blowing stuff up.

From what I can recall off the top of my head, eyes on weapons indicate a hidden or forbidden power. SoulCaliber’s evil counterpart has such an eye near its hilt, a fair number of weapons antagonists from KH have an eye on them or it could be like The Millennium Items with their Eye of Anubis symbol. Such things, if they are to be major plot devices need a reason for that trait. Sorry if this sounded like a lecture; just sharing my thoughts and concerns.

Oh yeah, I added an eye to his scythe…

Sorta forgot about that.

Really I did that because why not. It’s sorta comical. Story wise it isn’t there.

But thanks! It’s definitely something to think about.

You’re welcome. And yes, I am a nerd/geek.

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Love the incorporation of Lego Systems. <3

Definitely a great improvement to an already great MOC full of character. I love the Mixel eyes and the shoulder armor!

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The mixel eyes are unsettling.

Introducing the most dangerous Grim Reaper ever: Eric!!!