Erm - The Mysterious Traveller

Hello everyone on the Boards!

A while ago, I did some random sketches of a funny little character. It was never meant to be anything big, but I liked the little guy so much I decided I wanted to do more with him eventually.

This is Erm. I don’t know what his deal is. Yet.

All I’ve decided is that he’s an odd, mute little wood creature. He’s also got a birdy friend.

How or why he came to exist I don’t yet know. I don’t even really know what his world is like, or who else is in it. Seeing as this character didn’t stem from anything remotely D&D related, it’s totally new, unfamiliar territory for me.

I want to do something bigger creatively with this guy, but I need to learn what that’s going to be before anything happens. Could he be another graphic novel in the works? Maybe, but I’ve done that before. Once I dive more into Erm and his world, I’m sure I’ll find something to do with him. But for now, he’s an adorable Jawa-looking creature.

Tell you what. This cookie is on me. No tricks this time: :cookie:


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Always interesting to see your character designs, this one reminds me a bit of The Traveler from the game Journey. Fantastic work as usual dude.

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Very cute little character, definitely looks like a character you would see in a game

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This is awesome. Really adorable.

he only has one cause I stole them

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erm looking fresh on his way to kidnap R2D2