Escape from Whitegate(RP topic)

The guard, with his last breaths, activated taser guantlets to shock the monster’s arm, stunning it.

The other guards took the opportunity to shoot heavy duty tranquilizers at the creature while it was temporarily paralyzed.

The stunt gun didn’t work.
The other guards would see a golden light getting out of the guard’s face and entering into the furnace hepmet of the being, as its entire body started shinning. The guard’s body dlowly turned to dust as The being turned to the others.

Tarkur noted this and looked away in disgust. “May I ask why Mark is still alive?” Tarkur asks Michael.

Michael wore a look of confusion.
“Oh, that? That’s not Mark. Just a cheap imitation.” He said, pointing to Savager.
Savager roared in response, offended.
“Mark is actually a good person. In fact he helped us save the entire multiverse. If anything, he thinks you are dead, and still feels guilt for it.”

“I’m sorry if I’ve offended you scavanger but he definately tried to kill me and my allies at the time.” He snorted back, “Also he wasn’t exactly real if I recall correctly, the Gamemaster created him through his illusions.” He made his point clear.

“‘Illusions’?” Michael asked.
“You know, Tarkur, not everything is explained away by ‘magic’. Some things are actually real…” he explained.

“I would know. I turned Mark into a monster myself!” Called a voice from another cell. If Tarkur turned around, he would see The Gamemaster sitting in his cell.
“Oh d@mn, it really is you, Tarkur! I thought for sure you’d be dead by now!” The Gamemaster chuckled.

The guards chucked several energy grenades at the monster.

The being attemted to Hulk-smash the closest one.

Tarkur ignored they voice knowing far too well who it belonged to the only response he could give was, “You deserve to rot in there.” Also The Gamemaster would notice the metal aspects of his body clearly indicating him being ressurected or rebuilt. He turned to Michael, “Just because something is Magic related doesn’t make it impossible, especially not when he’s a master of mind games.” Tarkur told him.

The guard rolled to the side, dodging the blow. He then unsheathed a blade and slashed at its leg.

“Our tests have indicated that The Gamemaster is far from magical.” Said Michael.
“He is just a mortal man, who can fool people with special effects and optical illusions. He has no real ‘powers’ besides that cybernetic arm of his. And we even took that away from him.”

“Oh, then you haven’t meet him at the height of his power.” Tarkur snorts back at Michael.

“Don’t worry, he no longer has any power here.” Michael assured Tarkur.

“Don’t be so sure.” He uttered as he turned to face the Gamemaster’s cell.

“Anyways, moving on.” Said Michael, leading Tarkur through the cells.
“Our job is to contain these prisoners, so that they are shall not he a threat to the. Multiverse.”
Michael explained.

Tarkur follows.

Michael led Tarkur to the surveillance room.
“This is where we monitor the prisoners’ activity. Those cameras you saw earlier, this is what they watch.” Michael said, pointing to the monitor screens.

“How are you able to project these imagery?” Tarkur asks visibly interested in the devices.

“The cameras view the prison, and then scenes what it seeing to these screens.”

“Ok but how are the cameras able to mirror what it sees on the screens.” Tarkur replied.

Michael then explain a bunch of techno jargon that Tarkur probably wouldn’t understand.

The blade was not able to cut through the armour, as the being took the tank by its barrel and attemped to hit the soldier with it.