Escape from Whitegate(RP topic)

In the most secluded, most isolated corner of The Multiverse, there is a prison, known to very view, but known also to many, as “Whitegate Fortress”.
Constructed, overseen and primarily operated by The Council of Life, Whitegate serves as the top Maximum-security prison in the multiverse, rivalring and maybe even outclassing Ironbolt Penitentiary.
Just like the former, Whitegate houses the worstest, highest-profile villains and criminals in the Multiverse. Those who are imprisoned here find themselves stripped of their power, as well as losing the respect, reputation and empire that they had worked so hard to build over their career. And, they even literally lost their powers, wearing power-disabling collars and inhabiting special cells individually built for each one of them. The prisoners have regressed to a more primitive, desparate, dog-eat-dog mentality, practically not getting along with any of their fellow prisoners. At all.

Things aren’t quite as easy for the guards and staff who work at Whitegate, either. They must constantly supervise and keep the rowdy prisoners in check, and such a task causes great stress. They must be always on alert, lest a prisoner attempts to pull some “sneaky business”…
Recently, after driving back The Xir’algath’s invasion of the multiverse, The Council of Life faces a sudden influx of new prisoners for Whitegate…

Location: Whitegate Fortress

The newest prisoner arrived to Whitegate fortress, bound and cuffed in chains, as he was led by several Angel Knight guards through the halls, he caught glimpse of portraits of The high Archangels.
He arrived to the reception desk, and was soon processed into the system. Then, the prisoner was led into the jail hall.

The prisoner slowly walked, quivering as he looked up at all the other villains and criminals being held in their cells. They were instantly aroused, leaping up and hooting and hollering about the “fresh meat”. Several other prisoners made threatening gestures, such as tracing their finger across their throat.
The prisoner sighed as he was led into his cell, which then shut.
It was going to be long sentance…


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The being known as Swordbreaker slept in his cell, keeping a glowing crimson eye that gave such an intense stare it felt it could pierce your very soul. He was quiet, to an extent where most would see it as unusual, though contrary it was his common state, quiet and unmoving.

At the deepest, darkest cell, there was a being, chained up, everyone feared him and he couldn’t move!

It was Donatello

Thornrax was looking down through the bars of his cell at the new prisoner. Although his prison was at one of the highest levels, he could still see the prisoner very well. His four yellow orbs of energy, his “eyes” were ralling all across his “face”, while the bing was concentrating on the newcomer.

Nimrack was pushed by Glar into his cell “Happy time in prison…forever.” Glar smirked at him. Nimrack quietly entered in. The bars closed with a bang. He sat down on a little bench. Forever… Just wait and see… he thought.

Nimrack was put into many prisons in his early life, but none of them such secured and protected as this. But he knew he will someday escape it.

Thornrax looked down at the closed prison. He could hear the newcomer’s thoughts, but didn’t seem to react to them.

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In another cell, there sat a one-armed man in a bright orange prison jumpsuit, and wearing a Xir’algath mask on his face. He was jamming out on his harmonica to the tune of “the piano man”. It would be difficult to imagine that this man had once been the notorious villain known as The Gamemaster.
The Gamemaster broke away from his harmonica solo to greet the new arrival.
“Hi, newcomer!” He beamed enthusiastically as he waved fron behind his cell. “Heheh, but seriously, you’re dead…” The gamemaster then added, giggling as he sat back down in his bunk.

Meanwhile, in another cell, a prisoner sat on his knees, eyes closed behind his beaked mask as he stood within a deep meditative trance. Plague Knight briefly opened his eyes to watch the new prisoner arrive, but then soon returned to meditation.

In another cell, the behemoth Savager was chained to the ground. His massive body was cuffed at the hands, ankles and throat, with heavy chains of angelic steel anchoring him to the ground. Like the animal he was, Savager wore a muzzle around his mouth. As the new prisoner arrived, he kept up, roaring. However, in his excitement, Savager quickly reached the chains’ limit, and he choked as his collar pulled at his throat. Exhausted, Savager withdrew, returning to his docile state.

Thornrax grmped something as a reaction of the Gamemaster’s idiotic impoulse. It just so happened that the two cells were face to face.

The Gamemaster glanced up at Thornax. “What are you looking at?”

OOC: Thornrax is my character so you should reply to me.
IC: Thornrax stared at the Gamemaster for a few more moments before turning away in the shadows of his cell.

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The Gamenaster scoffed, as he returned to staring at the ceiling.

Meanwhile, Michael stood on the observation deck, looking down upon the prison, its staff and inmates. He was growing concerned with the space becoming increasingly cramped.
Just then, Michael received a transmission.“what is it?” He asked as he answered.
“We found something that you probably want to see.” An angel knight on the other side responded.
“I’ll be right there.” Replied michael, and he ended the transmission.

Makuta Therak stood at his post in the maximum security division of the prison. He Glanced through the bars to the individuals within.
“So maggot. Why are you in this place?” He asked Glaring at the being in the cage.

OOC: anyone can be the one in the cell.

“None of your concerns” Nimrack replied

"Long story short, we formed an alliance, tried to
purify Earth along with the Xir’algath. Of course things didn’t go as planned… " Plague knight remarked from behind his cell.

Therak Barked out a laugh. “well that’s obvious”

Plague Knoiht scowled behind his mask, but didn’t utter another word.

“Because of you stupidities! Also, you should protect this more, you know we will escape someday…” He growled

“of course, I have been planning for it, reading up on your files. After all, There’s a way out of any cage.”

“I wouldn’t count on it…” The Gamemaster commented, repeatedly bouncing a ball off the wall and catching it. “I’ve known quite a lot of people who have been brought here, and I never heard from them since. This prison is practically foolproof.”

“Ah, but nothing is foolproof, so one must always be prepared for the possibility. I’ve been in several ‘inescapable Prisons’ my self working on the force, and i always escaped”

He adjusted his stance and leaned on his spear.

“That’s why they assigned me here. I was in here once, an eon ago, and i escaped. I have since proven myself and been allowed to work for the authorities guarding worthless slime like you.”