Esquire's Mocs

I don’t really make many mocs; I’m more of a collector.
On the occasion when I do make mocs though, they tend to be small and compact (that’s the way I like them).

Grizzly Toad:

Trench/Canister Visorak:

Aqua Utsha:

It has a shooting function!


Coolio. I really like that first one has lots of character.




Still…I like the Aqua Utsha’s shooting function.

Which one is 2messy?

Mainly Grizzly Toad. The Visorak’s tusks look kinda awkward (I assume it’s for him to dig?). The Aqua Utsha strikes me as a stubby turret, and in that regard he’s okay, but his color scheme is the only thing that’s actually “messy” about him.

I like the toad the most. I love the color scheme for it.

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they’re adorable

*goes insane and goes catatonic, drooling

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Visorak tusks

Sorry, but these preces are from barraki :F

What’re you talking about? I’m talking about the tusks @TheEsquire put on his Visorak MOC using the Matoro Mahri blades.

They’re actually from Kirop, but close enough.

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Umm… lets just forget what ive said… things are wierd in Gravity Falls

They originally came on Matoro Mahri :3

These guys have a lot of character, particularly the first one. The Visorak would have to be my favorite though.


Aqua Utsha is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Don’t take that the wrong way.

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I have no idea how to take that the wrong way.

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Helryx is into some kinky stuff. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like the Grizzly Toad and the Aqua Utsha, but the Visorak seems kind of simple.


Not that kind of cute :expressionless:

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seto stop its not funny. really its just immature,

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I made a Moc of @Eljay !


Is he an illegal blue-pin dealer?