Esteemed Non-Constraction Based Mocist

<invisible yes, the casual builders>

There doesn’t seem to be a topic revolving around System, Technic, or other building classification that isn’t based around Constraction moc, so I decide to devote user personal preference here.

For me, one of my favorite building moc is Jangbricks (even though he departed from constraction building, I personally include him here) mall;

Any MOCs or builders you want to share that doesn’t revolve around Bionicle as much?


I really like M1NDxBEND3R, he mainly works with mechs/transformers.


Australian AFOL Karf Oohlu and his lovable characters.


I also enjoy jamgs work. I appreciate richboyjays jork as well.

Luke Watkins, otherwise known as Derfel Cardan is in my opinion one of the most talented System Castle Builders in the world. His work basically redefined the standard and style of so many castle builders, and you can directly see how his work has influenced so much of the larger Lego Community. He’ll always be a favourite of mine


Chris Roach does a bit of CCBS, but he usually does system transformers.usually

I think Astonishing Studios and Electry Dragonite are underrated MOCers with AMAZING Mindstrorms machines:

i’ve been known to dabble in system. not very good at it but i have built some.