Estreal The Designer

So here’s a MOC I made a few months ago. I originally posted him on my DA and decided to repost him here.

Estreal is a wepon/armory designer/engineer in my universum. Yes, he has a backstory, but I’d have to explain the whole universum I made to make it understandable, heh.

Feedback, critiques and so on are apprecciated.


Looks really cool, I would remove the white of the feet and only leave the white on the head, I think that would look better, but I also really like the build
and he thicc

I love the design, with the torso and hips really standing out.

But I’m not a fan of the head. The white and trans-blue mask kind of clash with the rest of the colors. I feel like you should have gone with more silver and trans-green.

If I were you I’d drop the white and add some more green. If the parts are available that would look pretty good. Also the claw hands look a little strange compared to the rest of the MOC. I’d stick to droid arms or just a mata hand. Other than that this MOC is incredible. Great details, purportions and stance. Also The mask is a little out of place

Looks really nice, but the head kind of stands out.

Paint the head silver and you got me all the way.

Anyway this look great.


This moc is Very good! The design and shape of the moc was well done and the technique for filling the gap in the mask is very smart. This moc is messy in a clean way, if that makes any sense; I find it gives the moc a lot of character.

The only problem I have with it is that it doesn’t have enough white. It seems strange to have the mask to be white and there only to be 6 small white pieces (not including the mask).

Besides that this is a absolutely great moc! Good job