Ethyreal, the Shadowed Knight of Altaron

Yeah, he’s a knight. Unless if you’ve been in the Self MOC Roleplay, you aren’t going to understand much about why a knight is in the Bionicle universe.

Anyways, Ethyreal is driven by honor, but scarred by his past. His brother, Aethus, is response for the demise of their bloodline, the Aithen family. He is extremely polite but can driven into rage from hearing of his past. As an expert swordsman, he has won many duels of Altaron, but is also skilled in several forms of sorcery, particularly the control of a dark energy that can be turned into a crystalline form.

Constructive criticism is welcome!

And no, I have no clue how to fix the issue with his empty eyes.


Might need some sort of accent to liven it up but nothing inherently wrong with it.

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Accent as in small amounts of silver spread over the MOC?

I’ll see if I can acquire more of of the silver add-on piece used on his abdomen. That should help.

nice job it looks god but i don’t feel the shadow part of the moc ( it just looks like a regular knight not a shadowed one)

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Well, black is very prevalent. And the “Shadowed” is just a title based on his forms of sorcery that allow him to control a black crystal that can form like ice.

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Interesting, very creative use of the Brutaka blades.

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You forgot that he’s dead.
For now.

I like this, on another note.

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Well, I still have the MOC and am very proud of it. So I figured I’d post it anyways.

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Wow just wow.


Looks cool, if a little monochrome.