Etnurb’s Small Moc Photoshoot

Hello! I just took pictures of the vast majority of my MOCs, so I thought I would group some of the smaller dudes into one post.

Fun little Okotan dude

A creation modified from one of M1NDXBEND3R’s

Mutated Matoran man

A MOC inspired by the current president of America an old man i saw on the television

A Matoran of Plantlife that may or may not be a past form of Neurex. I haven’t decided.


And finally, a Turaga of Shadow.

Well, those were Bionicles. Harsh criticism accepted!


I like them
favorites are
maybe past neurex
modfied m1ndxbend3r

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ghid but old??? :cold_face:

who am I kidding Ghid is always old


and I was just about to leave to get groceries…


Your Okotan dude has been done to death, probably thousands of times over at this point. I’ve done it. There is nothing about this MOC that is remotely interesting or memorable. I will only remember that MOC by my critique of it, and that’s debatable.

Foot dude is a cool design, but it’s someone else’s design so I can’t credit you for it. What I can credit you for is the random axle in one of his feet.

Mutated Matoran man has articulation in his elbows, but not his knees. Knees has a priority of articulation over elbows ever since the Rahkshi in '03.

(as far as legitimate complaints go, the back of the neck looks a bit weird and blocky.)

The MOC inspired by the current president should not have been allowed due to political discussion, and for ripping off the aesthetics of Political Slime.

The Bo-matoran has some weird looking legs. Why are his thighs curved and his shins straight? Can his hands reach all the way to the ground? What does the technic piece on the back of his torso do?

Kogu is missing an “n”. That is all.

Turaga of Shadow… actually, there’s nothing here that I can easily make fun of.

All in all, terrible MOCs, minimal effort, multiple questionable design choices, and I don’t know what “Etnurb” means. 3.8/10.*

*I wonder if anyone will get that reference.



the axle is part of the transformation
but i didn’t feel like showing that because you could see it on the original video

which i should probably link

frankly, it doesn’t affect the poses i put him in much. plus i just wanted to use that piece.

yeah probably

fine, i’ll change it to ‘an old man i saw on the television once’


i though it gave off a kind of digitigrade look y’know

with knee bending

look at the second picture, then the third, then brain attack evo





uh huh

someone hasn’t watched my youtube

i feel like i should, but i don’t


yeah, you probably should

I mean, so can mine. That’s not the question I was insinuating.

It was from before your time. Search bar is your friend here.



ok then…