Eurovision 2017 - my thoughts

Hey there!
Yesterday there was the grand finale of Eurovision 2017. It was a great night. I am here to tell you the official list and my thoughts.
So this is the official list:

Ok, here are my thoughts about some moments:

  1. Romania
    I need to start with my country :slight_smile:
    Ok, I was very happy when I saw our place. There were two kinds of points: the points given by some juries and by the people who voted on their phones. First, Romania win a lot of points from the jury, but them we lost TONS of points. We arrived on the place 19-20. But then, something beautiful happened. The people gave us tons of points. Heck, we were on the fourth place in the votes given by the public. We arrive on the FOURTH place and… whatever, we arrive on the seventh short time after… But it is cool!

  2. Moldova
    I need to speak about our brothers after us :slight_smile:
    I am very happy for Moldova. They didn’t participate at Eurovision for at least three years, and now they are on the third position! But there was something that shocked me: the Romanians and Moldovan have their “tradition”: we give them 12 points and they give us 12 points. What shocked me was that they gave us the 12 points, but we, like some idiots, gave them only 8 points! I thing they deny us…

  3. Portugal
    I don’t want to be a jerk, I liked Portugal’s music, I love it’s style, but there is something that still disturb me… The singer, named Salvador, have some problems, and he need a new heart. When almost each country gave them 12 points, I knew that there is something wrong. I mean a country, two, three, six, seven, twelve, but almost 20? The hole world loved it? The Martian did? The gods? Really, I liked the music, but I think most of the people voted him because is sick.

  4. Australia
    The music was OK, but I don’t want to talk about the music, I want to talk about a fan. When the last year winner sang her music, on a little scene from the center of the fans, a guy with the Australian flag on his shoulder went on the scene and showed his… naked but. He literally showed his but to 42 countries… Awesome! I am sure that now he is in a jail.

So there were musics that I liked, like Romania, Moldova, Portugal and Croatia, and some that I didn’t liked, like Azerbaijan, Bulgaria or Belgium. But this are only my opinions, what are yours? Just post them below! Peace!

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What the heck is eurovision?

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A European song competition.


Plus Israel, Australia and Azerbaijan of course, I also probably missed a few

I really disliked Portugal’s entry, I liked Norway personally. Glad the UK did acceptably for a change too

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Eurovision is the biggest song competition ever, @squeaverking… :unamused:
@TheMoltenKing, I can’t remember Norway’s entry. What did they sing?

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Yay, Spain my country never ceases to dissapoint me


Grab the Moment, by JOWST

Whoa im sorry for being american duderino

Cool stuff I guess


why didn’t this win…

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Although Portugal wasn’t my favorite entry, I can still appreciate the unmistakable quality and emotion of their song, so I’m feeling content with their victory. Good for them. That actually was Portugal’s first victory in Eurovision history.

My absolute favorite this year had to be Moldova with the return of the epic sax guy. Although I would’ve preferred their victory, I managed to predict correctly that the juries won’t like them as much as the public. Glad they made it third though.

My two other favorites were Norway and Hungary. Both had very catchy tunes.

Aside from these this year’s Eurovision was rather dull. The majority of the songs were pop and ballads competing on which sounded the most generic. I expected to see a bit more standout acts that the Eurovision is known for. Hail Verka.

I wasn’t that much of a fan of Portugal’s song, I feel like there was much better songs that could’ve gotten first place.
I’m just glad that we got in the top 10.

Actually, luckily he wasn’t Australian.
He was a Ukrainian prankster.

@TheMoltenKing: Hmmmm… :imp:
@Darknova3529, @Monarth : I am very happy that you guys loved our brothers’s music
@Frost: How do you know this? He had the Australian flag on his shoulders.

Nobody liked Romania? :sleepy:

I’m glad Denamrk did poorly.

I am quite salty about Australia gave them so many points.

Anja Nissan is bad…

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I think we know why they gave her points though.

Yeah, but she is from Winmalee.

Out of all the places you could take an Australian from, why Winmalee…

@EvilLobsterKing oh I thought of another reason but its not for this website.

My top 4 would be
1 moldova
2 Italy
3 Romania
4 Sweden

Right now I am very happy.

Italy was good, but I don’t understand the link between the evolutionist theory and karma…

I just like Italy because of the tune xD. didn’t even listen to the song text.

I like the tune too, but I really couldn’t understand the meaning of the music.

How about Belgium? For me, the music make me to think that the singer wanted to suicide…

the song was good. just not to my taste.

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