Eurovision 2018

Hey there whoever you are.
So Eurovision is the biggest European Song Contest and this is its 88 edition, I guess.
Anyway, if you are from Europe tell us what do you think about it. Do you think your country will win? IT WON’T ROMANIA ALWAYS WIN! Do you think your’s country will lose?
Anyway, here are the songs from Romania:

And from the Republic of Moldova:

So what do you think?

Pardon me, but I won’t spoil myself the other entrants. Makes watching the contest more enjoyable, when all the songs are surprises.

I’m a bit disappointed in my country, Finland, though, since for the first time the contestant is chosen internally. Normally there’s a New Music Contest held to decide the Finnish entrant by national vote. I don’t like them filtering all the possibilities.

Now there’s only one entrant, Saara Aalto, who became famous after being the runner up of X Factor UK. She’s made 3 songs, one of which is chosen in a week by a panel of judges. Either Finland is desperate or there’s some agenda pushed that I’m not aware of.

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I believe that germany is performing poorly again:(

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As someone that lived in Europe but is from Australia, all I can say is, yeah, I’m sure you guys will certainly out perform our talent :wink:

Although don’t mention the last guy we sent, we don’t know who he is or what he was doing either.

Australia is in Eurovision too.

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