Ev3 wheel bike

A “little” something I made from my mindstorms ev3… I started a college robotics club, and made one of these using no instructions, just an image of what I wanted in my head. And now I have my own ev3, so I made a version 2.

I know this isn’t what you usually see on the boards but tell me what you think. And expect a new MOC in a couple of hours…


Somebody call General Grievous

Since I found him a new ride


how does it change direction? I made one similar to this, only with two wheels instead of one.

It doesn’t xD

Video? Gotta see how it works :stuck_out_tongue:

As soon as I can I will add one.

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quite the… uh… vehicle

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This looks pretty cool.

Video would be nice to see it working

the most sophisticated technological creation I’ve ever seen THE WHEEL
I tried to make something like that once before but when I turned the motor on it kinda sent a few things flying :smiley:

@Whaddon @Triple @Oniwah @Umarak @JMP @Scarilian here is the video…


Interesting sound it makes, though it seems fairly stable so calling this a success :stuck_out_tongue: I kind of get the feeling if you hooked it up with a more light-weight control system and motors then perhaps you could increase the speed. Something to consider with the next version of Ev3

awesome, I love seeing what people do with mindstorms