Eva Unit 01 MK.2(actually6) Rebuild+TV ver.


Plays Evangelion theme in my head on endless loop


After my last post i decided toupdate my Moc in response to the positive critisism.
It may not look like it but every part was altered in some way or another.
It now features better proportions (longer limbs, smaller head), more acuracy (FIVE FINGERS, new Prog Knifes, new Entry-Plug), even more posibility, extra weaponry (Deagle-like gun), Umbelical cable and exchangable TV Ver. parts

@Hautaka search for the beast II, best eva music by-far

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I’m not a fan of Evangelion, but this looks fantastic!


Cruel Angel’s Thesis would disagree.

Anyways, the head is still too large, and the shoulder pylons are weirdly angled. There’s quite a few gaps and the shaping is weird in places. Not to mention the exposed studs everywhere. Also, not really a fault of the moc, but the posing and pictures could be better

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the shoulders are articulated, so they only look weird because im to incompetent to pose them. I tried to make the head as small as possible, but to retain the berserk/Mouth function i could´t make it smaller. As for the studs i can only say, that a complete snot design would be impossible and was never my goal,

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It would help a lot…

And the shoulders, do the pylons move independently from the front part?

And you can make the function smaller

yes they do, also smaller than one stud is unfortunately impossible

Shorter is possible tho.

And I suggest having the front of the pylon move with the back.

My first Versions had them connected ,but if the front and the back were connected you couldn´t move the arm because it would clash against the body



Like this you mean?


AMAZING work here. My only complaint is that the photography does not do this MOC justice… and it looks like a lot of your parts are pretty beaten up D: But it’s really spot on.


Someone here has binge-watched the entire Important Videos playlist other than me.

Have you watched the second yet?

Wait what there’s a second?

Amazing. Never heard of the franchise this is based off of, but good MOC anyways. I love it. It’s tall and towering and is made up of system primarily. We don’t have enough system Mocs on the boards


Neon Genesis Evangelion is great. Go watch it now.

Now you don’t have to watch it, but I highly recommend you do…

Dis is gr8 I luv the concept of the show but I’ve never seen it wear can I find it? Also this is one of the gr8ist mocs I’ve ever seen

I don’t know much about the source material, but the moc looks cool.

Now it’s time…
I’m here to tell…
I’ve been holding it back, so long…

cool MOC bruh.