Eva Unit

So this was originally built so I could get the shaping down for more Eva builds wink wink and it became this. It has everything a Eva can need, from Bad posture to short temper. All while still being able to hold a pilot, because I can’t stand mechs without pilots.

Updated pictures

Old Pictures

Without the Umbilical Cable 5 minutes left

Polit Cockpit. A bit cramped, but it works.

Almost forgot about the ‘amazing’ 3 piece Progessive knife. Sorry, it doesn’t fit into the shoulder Pylons

Berserk Mode (aka open mouth)

And just a cool pose to end it on

Thinking about it, a reference picture might be helpful

So, that’s my take on one of the most famous anime mechs. C&C welcome, and enjoy!


Given the concept you posted, the legs could probably be much longer.

It looks pretty neat, but I don’t care for the “knife” at all.

I really like the look of this, the colours look nice and the shaping is good

Like @Joe said, the legs could be longer.
Maybe more accessories would be neat
Apart from that, nice work.

Okay this is sick, really good Moc, though I would like to see more posing. Still an awesome system Moc!

The legs could be a bit longer, and it could probably do with some eyes,but it’s pretty sweet other than that.

I agree with everyone on the legs,otherwise sick

Thanks guys! I’ll probably fix the legs tonight, add some more weapons, and take better photos.

In the meantime, so more poses.


This is really neat. I always love System-based constraction. Nice.



who’s the dead mother?

from the color scheme, it looks like they just killed off another Rei.

anyways, nice MOC, mate.


I love this moc it is beautiful.

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Thats pretty accurate! I also really like how you managed to fit a pilot in it.

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Really looks like an Eva unit. Really good!

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this moc is missing something…
I know

as for the moc
it is pretty good
and does look accurate
I still need to watch Evangelion


moc is good. have no personal relation with sega genesis lime gelatin myself, but the moc looks solid.

oh, and if it doesnt have a pilot its not a mech or a mecha. its a droid, robot, whatever. arguments can be made for “mechs” that follow “pilots” movements, however they do not pilot in the traditional sense.


Looks great! At first I thought the limbs looked a bit thin from the front, but than I say the concept art and understod. But, I’m especially impressed that you were able to fit a minifig in there!

This made my day.

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I know, however it’s still annoying. And Robots that mimic outside pilots are called Teleporter Robots iirc.

Looks nice, too bad it’s so cramped in the cockpit.

Fantastic system MOC. The shaping and overall design look great, definitely capturing the appearance of the source it’s based off pretty well.